04 Spanduk Ramadan 3mx1m 1442H 2021


Advertising In The Real World: Large Format Banners

It seems that each week there is a new announcement of expanded advertising options on the internet. Whether it is that they are dedicating more space to advertisement on Twitter or that there is expanded opportunities for SEO based advertisement and marketing, there is always something going on.

The new opportunities are helpful to get a leg up as a business but if you really want to make an impact your also going to have to expand beyond pop-ups and banner ads to physical pop up banner or other large format banners. This is because all the web attention in the world does not guarantee business.

Physical advertisements greets people at the point of sale and demands to be noticed. It is hard to get someone to put money down on something site unseen. With these sort of large banner displays though you can get people to physically enter your store or check out your product and that will offer you and your sales team a chance to sell to potential customers directly. If anyone knows anything about sales it is that making a direct connection with a customer is always the best way to close the deal. These large format banners offer you that opportunity, way more than web ads.

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