10 Outstanding Architecture Projects in 2016

Here are 10 outstanding architecture projects in 2016. 2016 has been gone and we are welcoming a new year. But it is okay to overview the best and outstanding architecture projects in 2016. It is important to know those greatest architecture creations so architects can learn something from it. In specific, as an architect you can learn deeper about western world view especially on architecture field. So, let’s start exploring those outstanding landmarks.

1. Lideta Market

This architecture is included on one of outstanding architecture projects in 2016. This great building can be seen in the capital of Ethiopia and it is designed by Vilalta Arquitectura. The interesting part of this building is that Lideta Market is the largest open air market in Africa. Moreover, it is also about the extraordinary design.

The designer is using vernacular method which combines the typology of contemporary shopping centers and futuristic design. The function is of course to accommodate Ethiopian as well as foreign tourists who want to buy something there.

Outstanding Architecture Projects in 2016

The unique part is that the design is adapted the Ethiopian pattern related to the entry of the light. As the result, this building has natural ventilation. Furthermore, there is also photovoltaic umbrella on the rooftop. The function of this giant umbrella is to solve energy deficiency problem.

The main point why Lideta Market is included on the outstanding architecture projects in 2016 is because this great building is built in one of poorest countries in the world. It seems that Lideta Market becomes the highest achievement in Ethiopia during 2016.

2. Capilla San Bernardo

If you take Argentina as your holiday destination, just take your time to visit one of outstanding architecture projects there. It is known as Capilla San Bernardo and Nicolas Campodonico is the architect of this great building. The location of this building is on the east of the Cordoba Province. Actually, it is a chapel but of course it is not an ordinary chapel.

Outstanding Architecture Projects in 2016

You are not about to see a glamour and luxury chapel. On the other hand, you will see a warm and full of symbolism building. It gets natural light from the sunlight. The structure looks natural along with bricks as the main material. The architect is successfully using the popular material.

As the result, he built a six meter diameter chapel. The design of this chapel reminds people especially Argentinians of traditional Argentinian coal oven. Definitely, the uniqueness of this building makes it classified as outstanding architecture project in 2016.

3. UVA El Paraiso

To fight against its bad image, Columbia is trying to transform into better place. To support this program, EDU or Empersa de DesarroloUrbano de Medellin is built a high quality public space. As the result, Columbia has one of outstanding architecture projects known as UVA or Unidades de Vida Articulada. What makes this public space special is that this public space has a vital function.

Outstanding Architecture Projects in 2016

People can use this area for cultural programs, performance and sports. It seems that this program is successfully recovering this city from its bad image. For your information during 80s up to 90s, Columbia is known as the drug trafficking battleground. Now, they want to start it again and be a better place in the future.

4. Leixoes Cruise Terminal

This outstanding architecture project was designed by Luis Pedro Silva Arquitecto. The strength of this terminal is the extremely beautiful design. As a terminal, it is also used as the connector between Souto de Moura and Alvaro Siza. With its beauty and fantastic architecture, Leixoes Cruise Terminal can serve more than 130.000 passengers per year. It is also about the hexagonal ceramic which is built by local artisans. This ceramic gives the touch of modern and also deeper meaning of the building. Actually, it is inspired by the Portuguese Calcada.

Outstanding Architecture Projects in 2016

5. Terra Cotta Studio

Outstanding Architecture Projects in 2016

6. Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre

  • A construction project by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. This building located in Greece.
Outstanding Architecture Projects in 2016

7. Salas de Lectura

  • It is a project Fernanda Canales and located in Mexico.
Outstanding Architecture Projects in 2016

8. Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center

  • A project by Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT. This mosque located in China. There are more than 20,000 mosques in China. Islam is the third most popular religion in the country. In Dachang, a Muslim enclave close to Beijing where the project reinterprets the spatial structures of the mosque  as Islamic symbols with new materials and an even grander scale.
Outstanding Architecture Projects in 2016

9. Constitución Public Library

  • A project by Sebastián Irarrázaval. Located in Chile.
Outstanding Architecture Projects in 2016

10. Community Primary School for Girls

  • A project by Orkidstudio. Located in Sierra Leone.
Outstanding Architecture Projects in 2016

It is great to know the greatest and outstanding architecture projects in 2016, isn’t it? If you have time, you should go and check it someday. One more thing you should know is that Nikifour can help you with outstanding architecture projects just like what you see here.

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