10 Reasons Why You Should Epoxy Use Flooring

10 Reasons Why You Should Epoxy Use Flooring

Epoxy flooring is also sometimes known as the epoxy resin flooring. It is widely used in both home as well as industrial application. It can both be used for protecting the flooring as well as mending the flawed flooring. It is used in many places like showrooms, warehouses, shipping and receiving etc. the Epoxy Flooring are even used in the kitchen, laundry and the entrance.

Epoxy flooring was first put in to use in the year 1950. It was used for the aerospace facilities. With time and age, epoxy flooring have made their way in to a varied number of industries. The epoxy flooring has many advantages. One of the best advantages of using epoxy flooring is that one can decorate the floor with the use of it. The decorative epoxy flooring quite easy to apply and one can apply it as paint is applied on the floor. After a primer coat, the epoxy is brushed on the floor. After the brushing is done, it is left to dry. The epoxy flooring starts showing its effect only after 12 hours of its use.

Only after 12 hours one can feel the initial hardness. After 24 hours is given one can experience the true strength of the epoxy flooring. After a week passes, the epoxy flooring becomes more firm and strong. The water resistant quality of the epoxy flooring makes it an obvious choice for the garages and other industries. As it is quite easy to maintain and clean the epoxy flooring, one can see an extensive use of epoxy flooring in varied industry. The epoxy flooring is also deemed as best for extreme conditions as they are non inflammable and neutralize the threat of fire.

10 Reasons Why You Should Epoxy Use Flooring

Epoxy flooring can even be incorporated with wood flooring which helps in cutting down the damage down by fire if the flooring catches fire. Here are 10 reasons why one should use epoxy flooring:

  • 1) The epoxy flooring has strong adhesive properties.
  • 2) They resist chemicals.
  • 3) They are quite durable.
  • 4) Epoxy flooring does not shrink.
  • 5) The epoxy flooring is water resistant.
  • 6) The flooring is quite tough.
  • 7) They are quite easy to use.
  • 8) Epoxy flooring is non inflammable which cuts down the risk of fire.
  • 9) They resist dirt and dust which makes them quite easy to clean.
  • 10) The application of the epoxy flooring is quite inexpensive and economical.

Application of Industrial Flooring

The flooring required for industry should be tough and strong. It should neither be too rough nor too smooth. One can find a varied number of flooring treatments which are designed exclusively for a specific industry. Experts inspect the site both visually as well as physically before recommending a particular type of flooring for an industry. An industry can be of many types like food processing or pharmaceuticals etc, so the flooring is customized to suit the needs of each industry.

Nowadays epoxy resins are used in a great extent by the construction industry they can be used in many applications for which conventional materials are partially useful. The epoxy resins have varied properties which make them useful in making a different and varied line of products.

Epoxy resins can be used for formulating products like coatings, floor toppings, structural adhesives, injection materials, damp proof materials etc. these products are ready to use and they are supplied by the firms specializing in them to the construction industry.

These firms can help the construction industry by giving advice to the architects, engineers, contractors and above all the owners. The floor toppings made by epoxy resins have innumerable properties. The epoxy resin floor toppings are quite hard wearing and they are quite easy to clean.

These floors have antiskid properties and are non dusting. These floors give a very good resistance to the harmful attacks of water and harsh and harmful chemicals. These floors are quite durable and they adhere to a good number of substrates. These floors have properties that enable them cure rapidly and the best thing about them is that they have almost no shrinkage. These floors also have a high amount of flexural and compressive strength which makes them quite an obvious choice for Industrial Flooring.

The innumerable properties of epoxy resins have made them quite popular in a number of industries. The floorings based on epoxy resins not only have low maintenance but they are also quite economical. This has resulted in to a wide usage of epoxy resin based floor toppings in both large and small industries. However they are mostly popular in industries where heavy duty flooring is virtually mandatory. Some of the industries where epoxy resin based flooring are extensively used include paper and textile mills, chemical plants, printing shops, metal working facilities, beverage processing plants, food processing plants etc. they are also used in store rooms, aircraft hangers, garages etc.

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring refers to a type of industrial flooring whereby epoxy or polyepoxide is used to create high performance and decorative flooring, including terrazzo flooring, chip flooring and coloured aggregate flooring. Epoxy flooring creates very strong chemical surfaces that can produce unprecedented industrial flooring results. Since the 1930s, epoxy flooring has been used extensively in a wide range of industrial flooring and non industrial flooring applications.

Laying a new type of industrial flooring into a factory or work premises takes the right type of people to conduct the task in hand.

There are specialist companies within Karawang that can lay epoxy flooring to very high standards for a variety of customers. Companies like PT Nikifour specialize in all types of industrial flooring and they proficiently lay epoxy flooring into various premises. Before the Epoxy Flooring is laid their team of trained individuals thoroughly prepare the surface area before the coating is applied.

Whatever type of industry you work in and whatever type of epoxy floors you are after you’ll find the quality of the systems from this tried and tested company to be perfect. They have extensive experience creating epoxy flooring for diverse customers. They can provide the perfect types of epoxy floors for all manner of companies and they’ll happily lay epoxy flooring systems for any customers who wants a level surface. Laying industrial flooring takes the right type of people and this vastly experienced team can provide the best possible finish, each and every time. So whether it is Industrial Flooring, Epoxy flooring, Polyurethane Resin, or Epoxy floors that fit your requirements, PT Nikifour can help.

Industrial floors

Industrial floors are specially designed surfaces that can withstand heavy machine traffic, possess resistance to oil and other chemicals spills, and are anti-static, anti-slip and easy to clean. Laying the perfect industrial floors requires highly skilled professionals. To ensure desired results, enlist the help of contractors specialised in industrial floors. Teams like PT Nikifour make laying industrial floors their unique speciality. Before the new industrial floors are laid, comprehensive preparation of the area is completed. Various industrial floors have been laid by PT Nikifour for high profile clients. All jobs are give the same attention, resulting in high quality industrial floors. Laying new Industrial Floors is quite an art in itself enlisting the help of highly trained teams guarantees the best surfaces possible for your industrial premises. The right industrial floors can often provide a necessary fundamental for your industrial business.

Polyurethane resin

PT Nikifour Karawang provides high quality polyurethane resin flooring solutions. Apart from epoxy floors, this specialist team of industrial flooring layers have been laying Polyurethane Resin floors for many years they. We have consistently exceeded client expectations. Indeed, the polyurethane resin experts will ensure that their highly trained technicians lay a super smooth floor in no time at all. Detailed preparation is second nature to the floor layers as they make sure they have a level area before they even think about laying a new screed.

Using all manner of robust machines like industrial floor planers and scrabblers, the team of technicians will ensure all traces of old polyurethane resin are removed. They can scrub away at screeds and eliminate all types of weathered coatings to make sure the industrial flooring is ready for its brilliant new Polyurethane Resin floor. When you want the best types of Polyurethane Resin floors it’s worth paying for the best type of industrial floor contractors, who can make sure you get a floor of the highest quality. The Polyurethane Resin floors come in a number of colour options and they can incorporate unique designs which can create striking types of appearances. If you are looking for a reliable company to lay a new Polyurethane Resin floor(or any kind of epoxy floors or industrial floors) you’d be hard pressed to find one better than the experienced staff at PT Nikifour.

Epoxy Floors

If you need a new epoxy flooring and don’t know where to turn, why not let the web find you epoxy floors specialists? When you need screed epoxy floors or items with resin finishes, an epoxy flooring company can provide you with the finest of flat floors. This company specializes in all aspects of industrial floors and they can pump or hand-apply numerous finishes.

Providing a variety of epoxy flooring solutions to many businesses throughout the land, epoxy flooring companies found on the web have a talented team of workers who can provide a variety of perfect finishes. They can install epoxy floors and polyurethane self-levelling screeds into a variety of premises and they come in matte or gloss finishes. If you have dusty, unstable and unsightly floors at present then new epoxy floors could provide you with a clean and stable environment. They aim to provide unrivaled new epoxy flooring systems. Their effective epoxy floors solutions can be installed with the minimum of fuss and all the preparation work is carried out in a professional manner. For a fabulous new epoxy flooring contact the flooring people who can install epoxy floors at a very reasonable price.

Industrial Flooring

Factories and business premises of all shapes and sizes rely on industrial flooring to keep their workers on level ground. If you have a dusty floor that’s forever throwing up large volumes of debris then it not only looks unsightly it can be bad for your worker’s health. Installing hard-wearing industrial floors will combat this problem as it will provide workers with a safe platform to go about their duties from. You might think that industrial flooring would be expensive to have installed at your premises but a range of affordable solutions can be found to suit budgets of all sizes.

From epoxy floors and polyurethane resin self-levelling screed flooring in gloss or matt finishes, to a wide range of resin coated flooring solutions that come at very reasonable prices, factories can have any type of fabulous flooring and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. This type of industrial flooring is installed by professionals who really know their business. Workers don’t want to be injured by unlevel epoxy floors or low quality epoxy flooring.

Therefore, let them work away in peace by installing industrial flooring, polyurethane resin flooring and epoxy flooring that gives a perfect finish each and every time.

7 Reasons for Using Polyurethane Resins

Polyurethane pultrusion can be considered as just the opposite of extrusion. In this process a material is pushed and passed through a die. In this procedure the fibers that are reinforcing are drawn from a succession of creels through a die. After that the fibers are mixed with Polyurethane Resin. After the fibers are infused through the resin, a heated steel die is used which helps in curing and shaping the resin matrix. There is continuous pulling of the profile. It is pulled until the fiber comes out of the die. After that it is cooled and given the desired length.

There are many advantages of the polyurethane pultrusion. The process is quite economical and the results achieved are just wonderful. The end product achieved from the product is surprisingly stronger and they are more durable. Instead of costly and expensive mats this process enables one to use roving. One of the most integral parts of this process is the polyurethane resins. Polyurethane resins help in making the pultrusion process so much efficient. Due to the use of polyurethane resins, this process enjoys many benefits and advantages over any other process. The use of the resins is almost mandatory as they help greatly in achieving the wonderful results that is associated with the pultrusion process. There are in numerous reasons behind using the polyurethane resins. However, here are seven reasons which make the use of resins so much advantageous:

  • 1) Due to the use of resins, the bonding of the fiber is very nice and they make the fiber stronger.
  • 2) The resins have improved impact on the fiber and it can boast about transverse properties that make them so much desirable.
  • 3) By the use of the resins one can ensure that the fabric is stronger and the bonding is quite good. This helps in making the fiber larger in size with thin and beautiful walls.
  • 4) The use of resins makes the fabric less brittle. This virtually cuts down the risk of splintering or cracking of the fiber to minimum.
  • 5) The resins enable in making the process of the pultrusion completely environment friendly as they do not have any amount of styrene.
  • 6) Due to its strength the resins help in making the fiber comparatively lighter and inexpensive.
  • 7) The resins also help in making the fabrication more superior and they also enable in achieving fastening results.