16 Website Bertema Kopi yang Bikin Mata Melek

Mata ngantuk? Ya Ngopi. Kopi dan bisnisnya memang menggairahkan semangat. Butuh media online untuk membantu menjajakan bisnis kopi Anda? Yuk kita cermati contoh 16 website ini. 16 website bertema kopi yang bikin mata melek ini patut Anda pertimbangkan jika memang Anda sedang mencari contoh dan referensi desain website untuk produk kopi atau kafe minuman kopi.

1. Artifact Coffe

Website ini adalah media online sebuah kafe ngopi dengan tema artefak.

  • Deskripsi web: Artifact Coffee | Food and drink to fuel body and soul. fresh, local and hand-crafted, all day long.

2. Biz Brain

  • Deskripsi web: Where does coffee come from? A journey from bean to cup.

3. Cafe Cimo

  • Deskripsi web: With over 25 years’ experience in the coffee industry, Caffe Cimo prides itself on delivering high quality coffee blends with an extraordinary aroma. This philosophy is not just company policy; it’s rather a family tradition.

4. Coffee Beans Delivered

  • Deskripsi web: An online marketplace for the freshest and best coffee that Australian Roasters have to offer. Coffee Beans Delivered ships fresh coffee to your door in days.

5. Coffee Sneak

  • Deskripsi web: Coffee By Week is an ongoing project documenting the web owner’s coffee consumption for the remainder of 2009. The aim is to throw a fresh perspective on, and discover patterns in, something that has become a routine, habitual part of every day.

6. Four Barrel Coffee

Website ini sangat lucu dari deskripsi ‘about us’ nya, silahkan baca saja:

  • Deskripsi web: We’re gonna die someday. Even this stupid Web site will probably be obsolete by next year. But as long as we’re all together, let’s do the best we can to not suck. And lighten up; it’s only coffee, after all.

7. Grinders Coffee

  • Deskripsi web: Grinders® Coffee was established in 1962 in Lygon Street, the centre of Melbourne’s famous Italian quarter. Today, Grinders® is the largest roaster of Fairtrade coffee in Australia.


  • Deskripsi web: Illy is synonymous with excellence in coffee throughout the world: a tradition handed down over generations encompassing innovation and sustainability

9. Jacu

  • Deskripsi web: Jacu Coffee Roastery, Inspired by a little bird who believes that only the best is good enough.

10. Little Cove Coffee

  • Deskripsi web: We’re Little Cove Coffee Co. Specialty coffee roasters (retail & wholesale), cafe and coffee shop. Noosa, Sunshine Coast.

11. Marley Coffee

  • Deskripsi web: Sustainable grown, ethically farmed, artisan roasted premium coffee. Marley Coffee was founded to honor website owner’s father. In your hand, you are holding a piece of our dream. One Love.

12. My First Coffee

Ini adalah website blog tentang pengalaman minum kopi pertama kali. Website ini sendiri berisi video-video dari member yang menceritakan pengalaman mereka ketika menikmati kopi untuk pertama kali.

13. Pablo and Rusty’s

  • Deskripsi web: Pablo & Rusty’s – Coffee Roasters, Pablo & Rusty’s strives to find amazing coffee; determine the best way to roast it; take it to our stores and deliver something exceptional to our customers.

14. Second Cup

  • Deskripsi web: Founded in 1975, The Second Cup Ltd. (TSX: SCU) is a Canadian specialty coffee retailer operating over 345 cafés across the country. All of the approximately 4,000 Second Cup baristas are trained coffee experts who handcraft over 1 million beverages every week, and are committed to ensuring excellence in every cup and the very best customer experience.

15. Soyuz Coffee Roasting

Ngopi sambil baca buku dan memangku seekor kucing, website ini mungkin saya favoritkan.

  • Deskripsi web: We – we roast coffee. Craft of coffee roasting is what we know best. We demand the same levels of commitment to know-how from all of the people we work with. The result of this mutual understanding is a full-flavored, balanced, and easily recognizable taste of our coffees. We source and buy green coffees directly from farmers.

16. The Bagel Bars

  • Deskripsi web: Web design by Hidden Depth. The Bagel Bar Coffee House was founded in response to a growing demand by working professionals for a healthier option to the standard sandwich, whilst incorporating a more international taste to the range of fillings and sauces used in creating our unique signature bagel sandwiches.

Ya itulah 16 contoh desain website bertema kopi yang bikin mata melek. Semoga Anda yang akan membuat desain website untuk promosi bisnis kopi Anda, kini benar-benar terinspirasi.

Website ini dikelola oleh pak Badar. Jika ada yang perlu dibicarakan tentang konten di atas, Anda bisa menghubungi via mobile/whatsapp di +62-813-9881-8119. Website ini juga menerima content placement, guest-posting, paid review dan semacamnya.

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