20 Kartu Nama dengan Desain Minimalis

20 kartu nama dengan desain minimalis ini akan sesuai dengan Anda yang menyukai efektivitas dalam filosofi bisnis Anda. Desain minimalis menyingkirkan semua elemen tidak terlalu penting guna mendatangkan fokus pada tujuan desain utama.

Tulisan ini saya ambil dari: http://naldzgraphics.net/inspirations/minimal-business-card-designs/. Lama sekali blog ini tidak menyajikan tulisan tentang kartu nama. Nah, Jika anda mencari percetakan kartu nama dengan banyak pilihan desain dan bahan, silahkan kunjungi Ayuprint percetakan digital dan offset di Karawang.

Inilah 20 Kartu Nama dengan Desain Minimalis

1. All Design Transparent Self Branding

Kartu nama dengan desain minimalis ini dibuat oleh Adestra yang merupakan singkatan dari All Design Transparent. ADESTRA sendiri adalh studio desain yang berlokasi di pusat kota Saint-Petersburg. Adestra memiliki spesialisasi dalam branding, art direction & user experiences. It stands out by its ability to produce complex work, that covers different media whether it’s space solution or digital campaign.

2. Ana Hoxha Com Self Promotion

Kartu nama desain minimalis yang merupakan promosi diri ini didesain oleh:

3. Flower Lantern

Kartu nama minimalis ini dibuat oleh: Arias David.

4. Black White Business Cards

Didesain oleh: Business card design for my digital agency, Silver Maple Digital. Can never go wrong with black and white 🙂

5. Business Card

Didesain oleh: Manu V Vincent dari kota Ernakulam, India.

6. Business Cards 2

Didesain oleh oleh

7. Carlo Boni Wedding Stories Business cards

Didesain oleh: Alessandro Scarpellini on Mar 2, 2016. Carlo Boni Wedding Stories Business cards. Business cards for Carlo Boni Wedding Stories, a wedding photographer based in Italy. Rebranding work for Carlo Boni Wedding Stories, a wedding photographer based in the north of Italy.

8. Chandra

Didesain oleh Oddds The New Anthropology dari Singapore. Chandra ini adalah brand aksesories dan merk yang didirikan pada tahun 2015 di Swiss oleh Trang & Aurélien Spiegelberg. Odds membuat kartu nama ini menjadi bagian dari identitas brand sekaligus bahasa visual Chandra untuk menghadirkan citra romantisme sensitivitas dan gaya wanita.

9. Clean Business Card

Kartu nama minimalis Clean Business Card ini dibuat oleh ASK Dziner on Mar 14, 2016. In imerupakan template Photoshop yang bisa Anda download.

10. EE Business Card

Didesain oleh:

11. Gold Foil Business Card

Didesain oleh: Ruben Stom in Creative Market on Jan 15, 2016. Hi there! Recently he opened a shop on Creative Market and uploaded his first product: a clean and minimalist business card template. Follow him to stay up to date! Hope you’ll enjoy! This product is a modern and clean business card template. It’s a fully customizable template, compatible with Adobe Indesign and Adobe Photoshop. The download contains IDML-files, bleeds, paragraph styles, separate layers and fonts. With these business cards you can present yourself in a stylish and professional way!

12. Marangoni Gino Business Card

Didesain oleh:

13. Markus Tsang

This Business card design is his first business card design, inspired by a camera lens + sci – fi movies.

14. Minimalissimo Business cards

Didesain oleh: https://dribbble.com/shots/2532087-Minimalissimo-Business-cards by Alessandro Scarpellini on Feb 17, 2016. New business cards for the whole team of Minimalissimo.


Kartu nama dengan desain minimalis ini didesain oleh: Vicky Val dari kota Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Business card design for MKOV PHOTO, an event and studio photographer based in Toronto. The designer aimed to maintain a clean, understated, and nearly utilitarian design that was not explicitly indicative of a photographer. Rather, the designer decided a final design that was authetintic to his photographic style such that it embodied his simplicity and characteristic monochromaticity.

16. My Personal Business Card

Kartu nama dengan desain minimalis ini didesain oleh: Allen Cheh dari Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is his personal business card.

17. New Cards

Kartu nama dengan desain minimalis ini didesain oleh: https://dribbble.com/shots/2582684-New-Cards. by Max Pirsky on Mar 11, 2016. New Cards Fresh off the press. Printed on Fabriano Colore 280gsm. Quite happy with the result. 🙂

18. Otto Greenslade Business Card 02

Didesain oleh: Currently playing around with his own business card. Über minimal – just his name on one side and an NFC sticker on the other. This is his rationale: If he wanted someone to contact him by phone or have my address he would give them these details directly – thus these details do not need to appear on my card. Anyone can Google him and get direct access to most information about him – all they need is his name (it helps to have a unique name). NFC sticker on the back that contains his info and links in an immediately transferable digital format. It’s the future… in his opinion. This design plays on the idea of ‘a creative space’ – whereby the recipient is granted access to that space, like a key to a door.

19. Perconte

Kartu nama dengan desain minimalis ini didesain oleh: https://www.behance.net/gallery/PERCONTE-Stationery/9667999. PERCONTE – Stationery is a Branding and Graphic Design item. Perconte and Andrzej Kostus from Poland.

20. Personal Branding

Kartu nama dengan desain minimalis ini didesain oleh: https://www.behance.net/gallery/24338817/Personal-Branding. Julia Miceli from Buenos Aires, Argentina is the designer of this business card. This is her personal identity. After she started creating it she realized how difficult it is to search for your real personal identity. If you are working for someone else it is easier to know what the client is looking for. But being your own client can be tricky.

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