22 Contoh Konsep Desain Kemasan Produk

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Membicarakan kemasan produk berarti bicara tentang desain dengan bentuk, dimensi, warna, corak layout dan aneka elemen yang bisa mewakili produk di dalamnya agar tampil sesuai fungsinya yaitu mengambil hati kosumen calon pembelinya. Inilah dia 22 contoh konsep desain kemasan produk.

Desainer kemasan sebuah produk harus mengerti setidaknya sedikit filosofi merk dan produk di balik setiap kemasan yang akan dibuat. Apakah anda sedang mencari ide dan inspirasi mendesain produk buat bisnis anda atau untuk kustomer anda?

22 Contoh Konsep Desain Kemasan Produk

1. BFF Creative Packaging

Desain oleh: Bruna Fraga dari Paris, France. Brand and package created for the Capricho’s O Boticário product line. The packaging was a special edition for girls giving to her best friends on friend’s day. Therefore the chosen format was a daily object where teens share their greatest secrets.

2. Brownies for Young

Desain oleh: Bettina Baranyi dari Pecs, Hungary. A lovely task from packaging design course – for the competition of Young Package 2013. Illustrated with handmade cookies from the kitchen of our dormitory.

3. Chestnut Lane Box Packaging Design

Desain oleh: SeeSaw Designs dari Scottsdale, AZ, USA. This design is packaging for Chestnut Lane – a lovely cafe in Phoenix, Arizona.

4. Davy Jones Packaging

Desain oleh: Ppt-ping. Davy Jones fresh squid packaging. The iconic Davy Jones illustrations and pop out elements are easy to be recognised. The frozen squids can be taken out easily by simply pulling the strip from the cover. Illustrations are added to demonstrate the way to ‘take out’ and unpack the box with the collapsible bottom. The internal structures were constructed by multi-layered cartonboards to give the strength of carrying 2.5kg. Side wings are added to cover up the gaps and holes between joints to prevent water leakage.

5. Folded Box Packaging

Desain oleh: design-o-studio. Folded Box Packaging Mock-Up. The designer loves packaging design and he/she creates sometimes mockups for packaging designer.

6. Food Packaging

Desain oleh: design-o-studio.

7. Ford Jekson

Desain oleh: Constantin Bolimond dari Orsha, Belarusia. The product which offers a second life as a toy. Drink & play.

8. Fun Cup Cake Package

Desain oleh: Bruna Fraga dari Paris, France. Proactivity Developed By Brainbox Design Company That Proposed The Creation Of A Cupcake Inspired Special Edition For The O Boticário Line Fun. Developed At Brainbox Design, Creative Director: Marcos Minini.

9. Have a nice trip

Desain oleh: Arthur Schmidt dari Jerman. A “Have a nice trip” has been chosen as a winner project in the Recreate Packaging 2014 Design competition.

10. Hood River Farms Food Brand Packaging

Desain oleh: Timothy O’Brien dari Portland, OR, USA. This concept was created For Timohty’s senior project in the University of Washington Visual Communications program his created an identity + packaging system for a small fruit distributor in Hood River Oregon. Featured on The Dieline. Featured on Lovely Package. All Photography by Eric Rose.

11. Killhunger Mayonnaise Bottle Packaging Design

Desain oleh: Agency: Svoe Mnenie. Creative Director: Andrey Kugaevskikh. Art Director: Natalya Chistyakova. Designer: Aleksey Pashnin. Type Of Work: Packaging Concept. Country: Russia. Killhunger is not low fat mayonnaise for those who care about healthy food and keeping a diet. It’s mayonnaise to satisfy hunger. We break the rules of “green food” trends. We’re against the law of vegans. We need meat and mayonnaise. We are bad guys. And we like to eat it dirty. Killhunger is our crime scene.

12. Love Bites Cafe Packaging

Desain oleh: Tebius. Done for the Love Bites Cafe pitch.

13. Love Today. Energy Bars for lovers

Desain oleh: Fran Berbegal dari Alicante, Spain. Packaging and branding design from a new brand of energy bars for lovers who wants a bit of Relax, Madness and Love all the days in their relationship.

14. Lovely Packaging Design

Desain oleh: LogoPeople Australia dari Sydney, Australia. Creative Product Packaging Designs samples made by LogoPeople Australia. Contoh Konsep Desain Kemasan Produk.

15. Packaging Design and Character

Desain oleh: Wizard Sylvan. Contoh Konsep Desain Kemasan Produk.

16. Packaging Mock Up

Desain oleh: design-o-studio.

17. Potbelly Sandwich Shop Coffee Packaging Design

Desain oleh: Megh Knappenberger dari Kansas City, MO, USA. Previous to this project, Potbelly hadn’t used any of their packaging as a means of communication. We saw a big opportunity to talk to the customer on their cup, bag or other packaging, but wanted to do it in the “Potbelly” way. Thus, we stuck with the kraft paper packaging and opted for a graphic, 1-color black approach to everthing, keeping it fun but not too slick. We developed a series of different patterns, headlines and stories that are used in various ways, depending on the piece. Developed in conjunction with the lovely Kristen Caston (http://cargocollective.com/kristencaston). Contoh Konsep Desain Kemasan Produk.

18. Qtela Casava chips

Desain oleh: Ronaldesign. It is a redesigned packaging. It’s just a school work but the designer really loves the concept. Please watch closely to their mouth as they about to say QTeLa Oyeah of course in the indonesian acent by the way. Contoh Konsep Desain Kemasan Produk.

19. Staples Box Package Design

Desain oleh: Anisa Hamid dari Bengalooru, India. One of the lovely things about packaging is the way in which the graphics on the pack and the the pack as a form, need to work together, need to compliment each other, and come together intelligently. Contoh Konsep Desain Kemasan Produk.

20. Styling Paste Box Packaging Design

Desain oleh: Ribbitty Rabbitty. Just a fun assignment on redesigning the packaging for any product we wanted. I chose some kind of men’s styling paste. Contoh Konsep Desain Kemasan Produk.

21. Tin Can Packaging

Desain oleh: design-o-studio.

22. West Elm Market

Desain oleh: Alyson Aversa dari New York, NY, USA. I was lucky enough to be a part of the branding and launch of West Elm’s new store, West Elm Market. A “new kind of general store,” Market offers beautiful and functional home products in four main categories: kitchen, care & repair, garden and personal care. The branding is simple and fairly utilitarian, yet still charming and a bit quirky.

Demikianlah 22 Contoh Konsep Desain Kemasan Produk yang setidaknya bisa menjadi sumber inspirasi Anda.



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