6 Emerging Technology Trends that Has Transformed the Video Surveillance Market

Nowadays, a large number of organizations have installed the latest video surveillance systems to prevent potential vulnerabilities. When it comes to enhancing the employee’s protection and security level — the contribution of video surveillance cameras is worth mentioning. Accessing and recording real-time footage has become easier with the introduction of the latest security cameras.

These days, video surveillance cameras are equipped with cloud-based storage systems, which have improved the user experience. Apart from Cloud technology, there are a few other technological trends that the small-medium-large scale companies are adapting to sustain in this competitive market.

Undeniably, 2020 was unpredictable and changed the way of monitoring the ongoing activities of the house or workplace premises. Amidst this pandemic, the Government has imposed several travel restrictions, social distancing rules and increased hygiene practices.

During this time, almost every business sector, including the video surveillance market, has experienced dramatic loss. Therefore, to deal with this situation, it’s important to acknowledge what sort of security solutions can be ideal to ensure an individual’s safety.

In 2021, the sole focus of the organization owners should be on enforcing artificial intelligence analytics and intelligent video surveillance systems. To cope up with this fast-paced world, video surveillance manufacturers are incorporating the latest technological tools. From 5G to integrated systems, several contact-less solutions are going to dominate in the future.

Here, we are mentioning 6 ongoing video surveillance technology trends that you should take into consideration in 2021:

1.  Artificial Intelligence has Evolved the Video Surveillance Systems

Over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has become a dominant factor in the rapid expansion of an industry. With the assistance of AI, new innovative security solutions are introduced in the video surveillance market. Starting from multinational companies to startup business owners, almost everyone has become highly dependent on AI for acquiring effective security operations.

Moreover, when it comes to reliability, compatibility, accuracy and motion detection capabilities, the contribution of AI security cameras are incomparable. If you experience issues while accessing these cameras, consider contacting the CCTV Repair Dubai experts for an instant solution.

Do you know that you will be instantly notified when any unusual activities will take place on the premises? Yes! But for that, you have to enable push notifications or email alerts to prevent unwanted crimes in residence or inside commercial places. Additionally, you get the privilege to perform a wide range of advanced analytical functions using AI video surveillance systems.

These include exclusive features like face and vehicle detection and license plate recognition. You can remotely access the individual’s number who has come to the office or house in a day. Artificial intelligence contains two prime components — machine learning and deep learning. With the help of these AI components, improving the data calculation process and business operations has become possible.

Deep Learning has Paved the Way for Business Development!

Based on a recently conducted research, it was analysed that, in 2021, a large number of business operators will implement deep learning technologies. Moreover, these AI-driven devices come within an affordable range which is also perfect for small-scale business owners.

According to the experts, deep learning along with Computer Vision can help organisations in generating more revenue. Further, AI-enabled security devices will also speed up the criminal investigation process with their incredible analytical capabilities.

Business Intelligence Applications will Increase the Operational Efficiency

In 2021, many organisations will incline towards creating business intelligence applications for making better and instant decisions. With the help of such applications, business owners can easily optimise ongoing operations and access critical information. Whether you are involved in a financial, legal or any other business sector, it’s important to have a business intelligence application for the company’s long-term success.

This pandemic accelerated a trend towards developing high-range and easy-to-ace video surveillance-related applications with exclusive features. By just accessing these applications, you can easily count the number of people, even from large gatherings or crowds.

2.  Edge-based Solutions Will Increase the Workflow and Efficiency

Over the past few years, application designers have been creating server-based applications either using cloud technologies or edge computing. Though, cloud computing has been mostly prefered by users. But in 2020, an increased focus on edge-based solutions started to emerge, as it has successfully decreased the overall data processing time.

Further, it’s impossible to determine whether cloud or edge computing will bring more profitable results to an organisation. But for achieving optimal performance and flexibility in accessing the required company-related data, edge computing can be an ideal solution.

In 2021, there is a high probability that many individuals will lean towards deploying edge-based security camera applications. Moreover, using edge analytics in a surveillance camera might help you to get an instant alert message. You can then immediately access the live video feed by just opening the camera-related applications.

This sort of advanced applications will increase the speed and accuracy of any type of video surveillance systems. Reduce unwanted internet usage, repair cost and monitor real-time activities with this latest technology trend.

3.  Consider Switching to Zero or Low-contact Options

To prevent the spread of the infection, many organisations have already imposed stringent rules and regulations. Without changing the pre-determined set of rules, it’s impossible to avoid unforeseen circumstances. As a company owner, your sole responsibility should be ensuring the clients, employees and other associates have a safe working environment. From 2020-2021, the demand for solutions such as facial recognition access control has increased.

With the implementation of these biometric-based security systems, you can minimise the fraudulent pretences efficiently. Moreover, these sorts of surveillance solutions also come with people-counting capabilities that will benefit every company. The features like license plate recognition are going to be seemingly popular this year for offering zero-contact options. This low-contact technology will also optimise the space usage for the parking areas of the commercial and residential sectors. So, if you haven’t yet opted for this video surveillance solution, it’s high time you should start thinking about it.

4.  Cloud Technology will be Helpful for the Business Operations

Along with edge technology, it’s important to emphasize deploying cloud technologies in video surveillance systems. Moreover, there are plenty of security cameras that use cloud storage systems for restoring a considerable amount of data. Thus, video surveillance systems ensure faster response and also helps in the prevention of evidence tampering. With the advent of cloud computing, accessing the saved video recordings in the remote storage system has become easier. Though the introduction of this technology is not new in the security industry, in non-security markets Cloud is also gaining importance.

Every entrepreneur can use Cloud-based cameras, irrespective of the size of their organizations. Many have switched to this latest technology trend from the traditional method of monitoring employees, as it makes the day-to-operations flexible. Nothing can beat cloud-based security cameras when it comes to remotely monitor the vacant spaces of an apartment or office. In the latest video surveillance systems, the manufacturers are equipping NVR, which is specifically compatible with cloud storage. Extend the storage capacity and remotely detect suspicious activities by just installing an advanced security camera.

5.  Focus on Enhancing the Cybersecurity Measures

In the previous year, many small-large scale enterprises had come across cybersecurity threats, mostly those who use IP cameras. Although, these latest video surveillance comes with effective security features but still can be vulnerable to cyber attacks. At the starting of the pandemic, almost 4000+ organizations have experienced data breaching instances for using easy-to-understand IP addresses. Despite the spike in CCTV hacking, many organizations are still not focusing on safeguarding their camera systems.

When these hackers find the user ID, then also they can get easy access to the video surveillance system. In 2021, for preventing criminals from accessing the surveillance footage, make sure you have enforced adequate security protocols. But, you will definitely need a professional’s help if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about securing the security camera’s network. Change the credentials so that the cyber-attackers can’t get into the wireless network connection.

Consider using a video surveillance camera that comes with an end-to-end encryption system and two-factor authentication to minimize the potential challenges. Updating the camera firmware will also help you to enhance the security and safety of the house or workplace. You can also consider switching to VPN if you want to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the camera.

6.  New Privacy Laws Have Been Introduced

Within the first few months of 2021, many countries across the globe have imposed restrictions on using video surveillance technology. And, this might help the entrepreneurs to protect the captured data from unauthorized users of the company. In the post-pandemic era, these individuals have become highly dependent on video surveillance for hassle-free business operations. Apart from following the strict privacy laws, the business owners have also indulged in installing different types of security cameras.

Many restaurants, retail companies and other organizations have reopened along with a few staff after installing AI cameras. In this year, a large number of individuals have acknowledged the significance of video surveillance systems. Therefore, in a nutshell, it can be exemplified that these security cameras provide both cost-effective and flexible solutions. Just download the video analytics software to serve multiple purposes; this includes tracking store occupancy as well. But make sure you have gathered the required information about the privacy laws before installing a security camera.

Adapt the Latest Video Surveillance Technologies in 2021 to Unleash Endless Possibilities!

Based on the current technology trends, it’s evident that, in 2021, there will be extensive use of artificial intelligence-based security cameras. AI analytical videos are already helping numerous business owners in preventing criminals from invading their privacy. It can be also assumed that not only in 2021 but also in the coming year’s people will use contact-less technology.

Amidst this economic crisis, only these sorts of video surveillance solutions can help individuals to protect their interests. Additionally, you should also consider installing 4K IP cameras for getting accurate details of the images and videos. The security camera manufacturers have already started to reduce the usage of plastic for protecting the environment. So, start using such high-quality and sustainable products and save electrical expenses!