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6 Incredible Qualities of Kraft Packaging- Making Product Valuable for Gift Boxes in The Market

Kraft paper is broken down from wood pulp by a chemical softening process to give it that wonderful brown colour, unique texture and long-lasting quality. It is easy to recycle because the chemical treatment used doesn’t attach to other materials such as plastic or metal in the recycling process. Mostly kraft packaging material has a low moisture content which means it can face the heat or warm temperature while shipping the product.

With the increasing demand for packaging material, consumer companies have to find a way to make their product stand out in the market. Kraft paper is an excellent platform for creative expression. Companies who manufacture custom retail packaging boxes use this paper as a base and print or decorate it with images and designs. This offers a great opportunity to showcase creativity on food packaging like potato chip bags or burger boxes.

However, it is important to remember that in order for the ink to stay on the kraft box packaging, you need to maintain at least 15% moisture content and uniform pattern. Also, using water-based ink will allow you to get a bold image without any residue or ink washing off which in turn enhances the appeal of your products.

Kraft paper is generally for making boxes for shipping and storage to hold different types of products. These boxes are affordable and eco-friendly as they can be recycled. This kind of packaging material is usually made from waste paper with high cellulose content.

kraft paper is best for gift packaging. Following are the reason behind this fact.

In general, Kraft made gift boxes are a better choice than regular cardstock boxes for wholesale brands:

  1. friendly in nature with the consumers
  2. durable in structure
  3. ecofriendly
  4. custom made for satisfied customer
  5. use best printing material
  6. low cost for all consumers
  7. recycling is easy:

Friendly in nature with the consumers

There are many reasons, but one of the most important ones is that they’re eco-friendly. This paperboard material sources from chemical pulp produced in the Kraft process and it has no natural resources use in it. The brown boxes can also be available in large quantities so there’s a lot more to them than just being trendy. Brown kraft gift packaging boxes are gaining popularity because businesses are becoming better at promoting green products too. This happens not only for their earth friendly benefits, but to keep up with consumer demand as well.

If you are planning to hold an event, these products are of great help. They can also be used for business promotions and corporate functions such as seminars and workshops. The boxes actually come in many styles so the possibilities are endless.

Durable in structure

Kraft box packaging is as durable and protective as any other cardstock boxes. Multiple thicknesses are available for your gift boxes, making it perfect to hold fragile or non-fragile items. Custom inserts make inserting gifts easy without damaging the inside of a Kraft box product. Whether you need protection from breakage in a delicate item, or just want something strong and sturdy that won’t tear apart on its own with heavy weight objects.

Kraft boxes are a great way to add flair into your packaging style. The possibilities of colors, designs, and fonts all contribute to the overall potential that you can make your own style of box with Kraft paper. You could even go for a stylish look by adding paper ribbon around the wrapping.

Custom made for satisfied customer

Kraft materials allow for leading design customizations. You can choose from the options including clear windows, gable style boxes or simple square and rectangular shapes in your Kraft packaging box designs.

Kraft packaging boxes are great for a lot of things like food containers. These material boxes are seen often in the supermarket as you can see above with the kraft style to-go boxes. Many people use Kraft paper to wrap gifts at Christmas time and other holidays. It is also used as wrapping paper around presents because it is strong and attractive for both consumers and brands.

Use best printing material

When it comes to Kraft materials versus cardstock, you always have the option of customizing them. You can print on these materials just like any other material. Some printing techniques include:

  • it includes elegant ang shiny foiling of silver and gold paper.
  • printing use bright and fixed clear ink for best look and emotional feel of consumers.
  • you may have design of emboss printing which create a unique design for consumers.
  • always use contrast inks for packaging because it prominent the boxes on the shelves among other.

Low cost for all consumers

Kraft Paper Boxes are an excellent choice because of their low prices and eco-friendly nature. These boxes have a very cheap price when you compare it to other materials. But they don’t sacrifice any features from high quality cardstock like Kraft does.

Recycling is easy:

These boxes are eco-friendly because they use recycled paper instead of virgin materials. This is beneficial to the environment because it cuts down on deforestation which harms many animals in the wild. It also saves a lot of trees from cut down and used for commercial purposes. Kraft Paper Boxes will not hurt the planet but will instead help it by reusing feature in it.

 Paper Boxes have the same comfort and practicality as an all-cardstock box. Kraft paper is made with recycled paper products. This leaves a small ecological footprint on the world. Kraft boxes are also easily biodegradable or recyclable to make new packaging or products.

The bottom line:

There are many benefits to using Kraft material for your gift boxes. With its durable and beautiful design, you should definitely give it a try when creating healthy foods or unique gifts.

Kraft Paper Boxes are here for a variety of different purposes, also including food packaging and cosmetic packaging. It can enclose a product without any damage to it.

There are many companies which are manufacturing kraft packaging online with the help their consumers choice. Every brand has online packaging solutions for their product to fulfil the need of consumers and brands both. because it helps in design and style of new personalized packaging.