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7 Custom Pillow Ideas For Your Home In 2021

Are you tired of how drab your room and your home look with the same old pillows? Then it is time to get some refreshing custom pillows done for your home to give it the splash of uniqueness that it requires. Custom pillows are an innovative yet subtle way of adding something personal to your room, giving it a brighter and happier vibe.

If you want some ideas on what to get done on your custom pillow, you have come to the right place. Read on to know more! This article will walk you through 7 ideas for the perfect custom pillow photo for your pillows to brighten up your room.

7 Custom Pillow Ideas For Your Home In 2021 

Here are 7 custom pillow ideas for your home in 2021 –

  1. Family Photos

When it comes to customization, the simplest photo to get printed is a precious family picture. It may be from a special day, from a trip, family picnic, or wedding day. Getting your family photo printed on a pillow will provide a personal touch to your room with a fond happy memory with your closest ones.

  1. Romantic Quotes

Getting romantic quotes for your custom pillows might be the best idea if you are a newly-married couple or are looking for something precious and special to gift your spouse on a particular day like your anniversary. We suggest going on Google and looking for romantic quotes, adding your names and wedding dates, and getting them printed on your pillows. 

  1. Baby Keepsake Pillows

If you have a newborn baby in your home, the idea to make a baby keepsake pillow is the perfect one for you. Being bestowed by your little one means you would want them to become more intricately woven in your life, and getting these keepsake pillows is just the way to do it. You can get their names, birth date and time, and even their weight during birth printed on your pillows.

  1. Innovative Kid’s Pillows

You can get fun pillows for your kids with their names, birth dates, and best traits printed on them. You can even get the meaning of their names printed on the pillows to add a unique twist. In this category, you can find various shapes and sizes like tooth pillows, cartoon pillows, animal pillows, and much more. These will make your kids’ room brighter, happier and make them feel more special. 

  1. Monogram Pillows

Monogram has long since been a fan favorite for custom ideas. People love putting their monograms or family names to make them more memorable, whether custom mugs, custom rings, or personalized cutlery. The best part about monograms is that you can choose from many stylish fonts to make them look more elegant. Similarly, if you put your monogram or family name on your custom pillow covers, they will exude an air of sophistication and style. You can put these pillows almost anywhere – be it in living rooms, in your bedroom, or the dining room, they go perfectly in every setting.

  1. Welcoming Pillows

Welcoming entryway pillows are the perfect addition to any foyer or hallway benches. These give a warm and happy vibe to your home and will make your guests feel welcome to your house the minute they set foot in it. These welcome pillows can also be set in living rooms to give a welcoming atmosphere to your home. You can get your family name, the name of the family members with “Welcome Home” written in big, bold letters to make it look striking and welcoming.

  1. Pet Pillows

Lastly, you can get a set of custom pillow covers with your pets’ names, pictures, and best traits printed on them. This idea has recently gained precedence as people want their pets to be a more significant part of their life and home. This will make a fun and innovative pillow for your room and also act as a token of appreciation for your buddies for being beside you all these years. So if you love your pets more than anything, you can get these adorable pet pillows for your home.

If you want custom pillows done for your home, all you have to do is Google “custom pillow near me” to get a bunch of printing houses that get it done. 

Now that you have a better idea of the type of subjects you can get printed on your pillows let us look at some of the types of custom pillows and covers you can choose to get your customization done. 

Types Of Pillow and Pillow Covers You Can Choose For Your Custom Pillow 

Not just custom pillow photos, one can also choose the type of pillow or pillow covers they get made. Here are some types you can choose from –

  1. Zipper Pillow Covers

Zipper pillow covers are basic covers that you can get anywhere. However, their simplicity ensures that they will complement any room they are kept in.

  1. Round Pillows

If you are bored with simple square pillows, you get round ones. They are cute and snuggly and make the perfect addition to any room.

  1. Pillow Cover With Tassels

If your style is boho-chic, then you would love to get a pillow cover with tassels. They are adorable and will add a happy vibe to your room.

Custom pillow and custom pillow covers are done by almost any printing house that deals with the customization of products. All you have to do to get a good custom pillow printing is to investigate among the various printing houses to find the one that can best suit your budget and idea for a custom pillow


Thus we can conclude that getting a custom pillow done for your home is a piece of cake as long as you know what to look for and what will suit your home. We suggest having fun while choosing and staying true to yourself – you would want your style and preference to show up on your custom pillows. We hope this article helps you gain an insight into the world of custom pillows and helps you decide to choose one for your home.