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Large Format Banners Can Make You Famous

A friend of mine self produced an album for herself and one of her songs began to take off on MySpace. This was of course back in 2006. In spite of the song becoming a hit it was hard to drum up support for her as an artist. She would do in store appearances and no one would show up. It was classic Spinal Tap. Her and her management realized that if this thing was going to happen they would need to create some familiarity with her.

Soon concert appearances and in stores were being accompanied by large format banners with her face and the name of her nascent hit song. Very quickly these ads gave her some much needed clout and people were walking up to her for photos and autographs. It was as if the banners were making her famous not her insistently catchy song that was now regularly played on the radio.

Touring with custom banner printing my friend, who will go unnamed, became quite popular and each subsequent album was accompanied with a large banner to announce it. It has become a given part of her marketing strategy and has done wonders for her career over all.

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