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Lure New Customers with Trade Show Banners

Tradeshow bannersIf you are preparing for a trade show, you need the appropriate large format banners. Arguably, the best type of trade show banners are easily moved and are equipped with portable banner stands.

When you are at a trade show, you and your business are competing with tens, if not hundreds of other companies for attention. You need to have effective marketing that captures the attention of potential clients and buyers.

You want to entice customers by capturing their attention. To accomplish this, you need a catchy or identifiable slogan or image that people will associate with your business. Once you have created such a recognizable phrase or picture, individuals will be naturally attracted to your booth when it is displayed on your trade show banners.

When people arrive at your station offer them information on your services, without overwhelming them with a plethora of minute details. Your banners should have already given attendees an idea of what your company does. This is now your opportunity to reel in new clients and make them want to do business with you.

After you give your spiel, you may offer them freebies, but make sure you give them something interesting, such as a company mug, rather than junk.

Trade show banners attract customers and make them want to learn more about your business. This initial curiosity helps you convince them to buy whatever you are selling.

Effectiveness of Large Format Banners as Demonstrated by the Film Industry

If you still have doubts about the effectiveness of large format banners and custom banner printing, consider the film industry. You can probably recall the posters for recent movies such as the last Harry Potter or Hangover film, and you can probably envision the images used for classic films such as “Casablanca” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Large format banners

Film posters generally need to embody seven characteristics. The most obvious one is that the advertisement should be attention grabbing. It should get the notice of any passersby and encourage them to study it further. Although flashy graphics and provocative pictures are frequently used to gain notice, they are not necessary. Sometimes a more subtle approach will encourage the audience to study the poster. It should also use iconographic imagery, whether it is a close-up of a character or an item that is a major plot point, or simple, yet signature graphic. It should also foster an incentive to see the movie; many modern posters put the viewer into the middle of the scene and thus engage him in the plot and action; doing this builds interest in the movie. The poster should have mass appeal; it should cater to fans of the genre, series, or adaptation, while enticing newcomers. The style and color scheme of the poster should generally reflect the mood or tone of the film. An exception to this standard is when the subject matter and imagery are deliberately contrasting in order to create a sense of irony. The poster should employ graphics and images that will translate well to DVD boxes, books, and other memorabilia. Lastly, if the film is part of a series, the poster should similar to its predecessors in both theme and appearance.

These tenets of effective movie poster advertising benefit the film industry and are applicable to other businesses.

The Benefits of Trade Show Banners

banner standsMy partner and I knew that if we wanted our company to grow, we really had to get out there and spread the word. So we decided to register for a trade show. Even though it was kind of expensive for the space, we figured it would be well worth it when we made a host of new contacts and potential clients.

The only thing we needed was a table and some signs, some trade show banners. We looked around for custom banner printing and found a place on the other side of town with great prices. They had large format banners, banner stands and all other kinds of signs.

We chose the classic trade show banners and went to the show ready to make a splash. Our booth didn’t get the most traffic, but when people saw our trade show banners they did get excited; they wanted to know all about us and our company. We got over a hundred business cards and over the next few weeks, quite a few new clients.

I can’t say it was all because of our trade show banners; Mike and I have pretty good smiles. But they sure did help, and we put them in our storefront windows. Here’s to more business!

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