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Company Profile Perusahaan Tema Biru Download

Company Profile Perusahaan Tema Biru Download

Research has proven how a professionally designed corporate identity can effect the way people perceive your company. At Spanner Software we ensure we create the right ‘look and feel’ that is aimed at your target audience, and communicates the nature of your business effectively.

Creating a company logo is one of the most important stages in building brand awareness. We recognize how critical this stage is and provide specialized professional custom corporate logo, and company logo design services.

A Corporate logo design is defined by 3 key elements: A logo must be identifiable, this means that some details in your logo make it recognizable and readable in any kind of media (on a Fax, on a TV screen or on the side of a van).

Secondly the logo needs to be scale-able, it may need to be huge or really small depending on the circumstances, a good logo example will be replicated in both extremes without loosing it’s impact.

Finally your logo needs to be memorable among other business logo design. It is important to create a logo which is instantly recognizable. We create logos which combine an identifiable element of your business and a suitable color scheme to ensure your logo is memorable and sets a solid foundation for the rest of your corporate identity to evolve from.