DesignCap: Where to Make Your Infographics for Free 

Infographics have become commonplace in many areas. From journalism to education and marketing, they have become an essential part of visual content on the Web. However, still, not so many people apply infographics. And actually, posts and websites have infographic would drive more shares and exposure.


It sounds a nice idea to make infographics. Do you want to make ones for your content? Is it a difficult task? Defiantly no. You can find a lot of tools and website services to design infographics for free. And in this post, a web-running infographic maker will show you. DesignCap is an all-in-one graphic editor that allows you to design the most popular graphic image from infographics to posters and Facebook posts.

Two features make this image editing service outstanding from other similar services:

  1. Since it is created based on a lot of cool templates, you can create something that does not require any skills. Share editing makes the possibility of teamwork.
  2. If you use this tool, you can easily create headline images, service menu banners, campaign banners, etc. of the homepage created in. But this post would discuss its infographic features.

The overview of DesignCap

The registration

After access the DesignCap homepage, you can click the button of Sign Up-Free and then register. DesignCap supports three ways of login. If you want to register with your Facebook account, click “Sign Up with Facebook” Also, the same goes for Google. And for Email, you can enter your Email ID and set passwords for your account. If you want to register with your Facebook account, click “Sign Up with Facebook” Also, the same goes for Google. And for Email, you can enter your Email ID and set passwords for your account.

Design Templates


Afer access DesignCap from Get Started Now, here is a list of design types that can be created. There are four categories: social media header, social media post, marketing and events. In addition to the design types displayed here, you can create an image of any size from [Custom Size] in the upper right.


  • Account: You can edit and confirm account information (email and password) and your profile or upgrade the subscribed plan.
  • My Design: In this tab, you can review all the design projects you have saved.
  • New Design: If you click this button, you can choose the template to start your design.
  • Template: It is a template stock for you to choose category ever, also you can enter your keywords and then preview and customize.
  • Setting: This allows you to change the language, submit your feedback and find help from this tool.
  • Shared design: The created design can be shared with your team or friends by URL or directly to share the most used social media.

Difference between free and paid versions of DesignCap

What can you do with the free version?

  • Editing and creating images
  • Using free templates
  • Use of free materials (paid materials are exclusive for premium plan)
  • Upload images and photos
  • Save brand colors, logos and fonts

What can you do with the paid version?

  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited stock icons
  • Unlimited stock photos
  • Unlimited modules
  • High-res PNG & PDF exports
  • 1,000 image uploads(For plus plan)
  • Save up to 1,000 designs(For plus plan)


Since DesignCap is a template-dived tool, so you can make a quite fantasy image quickly and effortlessly. If you need to make infographics for your post, do not hesitate to try this tool.

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