DesignEvo: The Secure Online Logo Maker

DesignEvo: The secure online logo maker. In our daily life, certain things might need a logo, for example, when you set up a new site, you’ll need a logo, if you are a blogger, you might need a logo, etc. Every business needs a logo and how to make a logo easily can be a problem for some people who are just starting there business.

Today, I’m going to introduce you guys a free online logo maker website:


What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is an online logo maker website that provides design logo for all kinds of business. You can also make a logo for your ins and Youtube avatar. It’s straightforward to use. It gives everyone the ability to create their unique logo based on the wild range of templates (over 10000 models for you to choose).

The template is so much and high quality, it’s easy for you to search and also can find what you want in different categories. Once you decide the template, you can design the logo by your thoughts.


It’s also can be free to create a logo. Every template and icons are free to use. If you download a regular version, it’s free, but if you need a high-resolution version, you need to pay some fee.

But they charged relatively low, and even the company which is start up can easily afford. Also, it’s free to try. You can check the website I leave above. The price of each logo doesn’t charge too expensive, and the price is reasonable, considering that it represents your company.


How to make a logo?

Only several steps, you can get the logo you need:

  1. On the homepage, click the “Make a Free logo,” you can jump to the logo design page directly without sign up. But if you want to download or save it online, you have to log in.
  2. On the design page, there are many logo templates you can choose. Even you are fresh on logo designing. You still can export the logo via edit templates.
  3. After choosing logos, a pop-up window will appear, it’s optional you enter your company name and slogan if you don’t want to enter anything, click “SKIP.”
  4. This step you need to edit the logo you choose, like the icon, font, background, and shape, here are three tips you can master logo design:
    • Find a favorite image in Icon Library ( Left Toolbar)
    • Choosing the font, you like( Left Toolbar)
    • Download it.
  5. About Logo download

In DesignEvo, you can download the logo you edited for free after you sign up, and in the free version, users just allowed to download low resolution. But if users would like to download the higher-resolution logos or vector graph (PDF and SVG), even the copyright ownership, Basic, and package is your first choice.

What made it special?

1. More Than 1000 Free Templates

It has over 10000 templates, and all of the models are of high quality. And it’s all free to use. I think it can meet the needs of most businesses. It’s simple to choose through different categories. You can click the categories you want and choose the templates. They also provide search, as you can see you can search the keyword of your business and you can find the logo you want.

2. It’s Simple to Use

You only have to choose the template, change the icons and the text by your thoughts, and because of the high-quality choice, it’ll come out so good and can present your company. Even you don’t have any design experience, and you can make a great logo. When you have chose the template, you can also change the text and the colors into something you like.


3. High-Resolution PDF Files

It provides high-resolution PDF files, which you can use your logo everywhere you want. They can provide a high-resolution JPG and PNG files with a maximum size of 5000 x 5000 px. Which you can download and use it anywhere you want for your use. The high-resolution is one of its main features.

4. Unique Change-able Color, Icon, and Text

It’s unique because you can change the color, the icon, and the text all by yourself. All this makes your logo special. You can change the color and add different icons that satisfied any kind of needs. Every logo is of high quality based on the templates and your own idea. It makes everyone can make their logo easily. You can pick your own custom colors, change background shapes, change the background color, pretty much anything you can imagine. All these features make every logos unique and high-quality.

5. Cloud-Based Saving

If you didn’t finish your logo make, you can save it into your account and finish it next time. Next time you can check my logos, which you can see on the templates page. And you can continue your edit easily.

6. Any Logo Can Be Used for Free

DesignEvo includes a real open free plan. Of course, this free plan has limitations. Just search for PNG files, these are relatively small sizes (300 pixels by 300 pixels), and you only have to share it in your social media or blog, you are free to download it. But if you want a high-resolution file, you’ll have to pay for a small fee.

Bottom Line

All in all, DesignEvo is a perfect choice when you need a logo. It is the best one of the web-based logo designers, and it fits for almost every business. It is an excellent option for people to creating logos online. As an online logo maker, it’s so well crafted and so easy to use. With a library of thousands of templates, millions of graphics, and over a hundred different fonts, DesignEvo provides plenty of resources to put together a quality looking logo in just minutes. It can help you create a beautiful logo in a second. You should not worry about skill and experienced, DesignEvo will satisfy all your demands.