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Explore 11 Best Image Editing Tools For Digital Marketers

Nowadays, it’s clear the use of visual components is something that can improve and even boost social media engagement several times over. It doesn’t matter whether they use an image to text converter to extract text from an image for an additional post or by making an infographic for some DIY.

The well-known old saying is that a picture is worth 100 words. And, when you’re communicating something, then the target segment has to retain it. However, typically you cannot afford to have the data, which you share with your users.

Did You Know!

People normally like seeing visuals since it is referred to as a signature that stays in their minds forever. You can find that individuals often use an online image to text extractor to copy text from an image and post it to another relevant image for social media marketing. They can even process pictures better than written content. And, no doubt, when you have an eye-catching graphical image, it’s ahead of the market to a great extent. 

No, nor at all, also people swap the content of an image from one another, here an online photo to text converter that uses online OCR software feature to extract text from an image and then place it on the desired image by using an online social media image editor. 

Hence, stunning images is a very crucial part of your marketing requirements, thus we provide you with the best image editing tools that might work best in digital marketing.


Fotor has a packet with a powerful UI interface, it provides you with the interesting range of features and photo effects. You can be able to enhance your photo, resizing, rotating and cropping with the assistance of this online tool. Even this tool comes with certain tremendous effects like stickers, photo frames, color splash and tilt shift. It’s basic version is entirely free. Also, for the concern of digital marketing, if you have a text on an image of your choice and need to place it on your desired image, first you need to use that helps to copy text from respective images, and then use Fotor to place text on your photo.


Pixlr is a well-known image editor that comes with a huge library for all platforms. The editing feature of this tool can be accounted for by using the Editor or simply through the pared down Express version. Well, if the bulk editing is not your part, or just aim for a basic edits, then the Expression version is one of the best options. You can enjoy it’s image editing feature for your digital marketing campaigns. 


Aviary is one of the best choices for digital marketers around the globe. You can be readily available to develop your creative skills with the assistance of this online image editor. The surprising thing about this tool is that you don’t have to be a Photoshop expert. This online consists of many stunning features and creative supplies, which you can use without any manual-user guidance or help. This online editor for images is fully-fledged as well as fully free. Also, digital marketers sometimes need an image to text converter to convert photo to text for a campaign post, where the image with text is not allowed!


Now, fulfill your online photo editing requirements more efficiently with the help of PicMonkey. It allows you to correct your images color, fine-tune your exposure, and increase the sharpness of photos. Yes, it becomes handy to meet your marketing requirements by providing stunning visual content. It provides you with a free trial, but then you can be able to sign-up for the premium or the Sub premium version. 


LunaPic is 100% free that enables you to professionally quality pictures. This online tool is packed with the varieties of effects and filters to make your image more attractive. 

This handy tool lets you edit the pictures online, edit offline and download from the computer, or you can easily create a new picture from scratch. Once done, you can be able to save the picture in any format and even share it across Facebook and Twitter. But, this free tool doesn’t allow help in the pic to text conversions, for such convenience, you have to look for an online image to text converter. 


Yes, get the freedom of photo editing with this handy tool while keeping the equality editing. Befunky lets you enhance your image in an effective manner, so it easily approaches your unique social media marketing strategies easily. 

Apart from the photo editor, this tool comes with certain photo effects that let you to design impressive stories from your images. There you can get attractive layouts that are specifically designed for Facebooks, and Twitter.  


  • $34.65 annually
  • The monthly plan will be at $2.91 and even $4.95 for a monthly separate bill

Remember that Google already uses the online OCR scanning technology in the Mapping process, when they scan the written content they also extract text from image the same as the online image to text converter will do for you!


Give a professional and creative look to your images by using Ribbet. This online image editing tool is packed with different color features, effects, borders, stickers as well as filters. The pinpoint feature of this tool is that you can account this tool without downloading, installing, or even complicated sign-ups. Just visit its official website to get a proper idea about its pricing details. 


Yes, this is the tool that works best for digital marketers since it allows you to make HD and 4K images. The Pizap library is packed with a huge collection of stickers, effects, and certain other features. And, the one of the best is that you can be able to make your own emoji with the MEME maker and MEME sticker. You can only get a free trial for one week, right after you could choose the monthly, annually, or lifetime subscription. However, an online image to text converter allows you to extract text from any photo, which has text; it doesn’t matter whether it is a meme or emoji image. 


Canva is a stunning tool for online marketing through which you can manipulate your images, and then place them in the social media. It doesn’t matter whether you need to do it for Facebook cover, or a sensational ‘flyer’, you can enjoy unlimited features with Canva. But, picture to text conversions is the thing that you look in the Canva, then it doesn’t support, for this image to text converter is the thing that you have to get right now. 

Well come to the point, the best thing about Canva is that you are readily able to customize the dimensions as per your requirements. And, even they come with templates from which you can easily choose the image size of your choice. Additionally, there you can find a Design Community that allows you to meet with other passionate Canva users. It’s basic version is 100% free, for further planning details you have to visit its official website. 


Pablo by Buffer is one of the well-known image editing tools that does not at all require log-in or sign-up. If you have a running account in Buffer, then simply make a start using this tool right away. Remember that once the image is fully created/edited with this tool, you can easily be able to download it. From 2015, the Pablo is one of the favorite online tools for social media marketers. Enjoy this fully free tool right now to fulfill your image editing needs for your digital marketing needs. 

Photoshop Lightroom:

Photoshop Lightroom is referred to as an online photo editing platform that entirely focuses on editing batches. It allows you to retain many of the features that you’d find in different tools, but it is specifically powerful at organizing and even editing pictures on a large scale. In Photoshop (LR), you can find an import button for filters, which makes editing super easy and handy. The Google Lightroom specifically presets to provide you with quick, even easy edited photos without too much effort. It has lots of features, but OCR scanning is at bay, for such purposes you should use a picture-to-text converter that extracts text from photos without affecting the quality. 

Do Search Engines read images?

Generally, digital marketers think that the text in images is not at all read by Google and even it doesn’t support keyword promotions. No doubt, this has been the scene to date, but now things have changed. You can give try an online image to text converter whenever you need to copy text from an image without sticking to the complicated steps. 

Now, Google completely changes the trend, the text on the images can also properly be read by Google. Also, this is the thing that definitely aided the SEO. The Google smart algorithm comes and extracts text from image and find what the image represents in actuality. Yes, Google has been the first platform to make this all possible. 


Remember that images are so powerful in your digital marketing field if you use them legitimately as they can communicate. Being digital marketers, you can be really creative with the online image editing tools that we mentioned above and come out with something unique and different. Good Luck!