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3 Flyer Printing Tips – Promote your Business and Save Money at the Same Time

Flyer Printing Tips. Brochures remain an effective advertisement tool regardless of the wide use of television and the internet. Distribution is easy and viral, with a good chance that people will pass it around to family and friends after they have read it. If flyer printing and distribution is part of your marketing plan, a fair chunk of your budget is allotted for it.

Naturally, you want to print more high-quality copies with less money. Here are tips on how you can do it:

Flyer Printing Tips 1: Use a combination of papers.

For flyers with more than a single page, it is advantageous to use a combination of glossy and typewriter-grade papers. Usually, ordinary papers cost 50-75 percent less when compared to high quality ones. Use the glossy paper as the front page and paste or staple the ordinary pages behind it.

This will save you a lot of money, especially if you can’t fit all the information in a single page front-only printing. For the second page, you can simply create a black-and-white or monochromatic content.

Desain Brosur Flyer Menu Katering | Flyer Printing Tips

Blend the shades carefully so that the text can easily be read with the graphics. Afterwards, you can have that page photocopied and trimmed to size. It will be pleasing to the eye if you use complementary-colored paper for the photocopies.

Flyer Printing Tips 2: Hire a good printing company.

It will be slow and hassling if you will use your own ordinary office printer for bulk flyer printing. You’ll just end up spending more for ink cartridges. Use Google or ask friends to search for nearby printing companies. They have dedicated printers that can produce hundreds of copies in no time. They also offer good discounts for bulk orders and they can finish the task within 1-3 business days. These companies can also provide you with layout ideas and templates.

More than discounts, you should look for good quality outputs from these printing services. Before hiring one, check the flyers these companies have printed before. Check the quality of paper and printing. Are the colors vibrant enough? Avoid companies that produce hard-to-read ghosted texts or blurred images, because these will be turn-offs for your customers.

They should send you proof of your final brochure before mass printing. Regardless if it is an in-person or online transaction, the firm must provide you with samples. This will allow you to spot any layout or typographical error. This practice will save you cash from reprinting or releasing sub-quality brochures.

Flyer Printing Tips 3: Maximize the use of space through a good layout.

The most popular layouts for brochures are one-page, double fold and triple fold. While a single page is convenient for business owner and recipients, it is sometimes difficult to fit all information in it. Consider the three-fold flyer as the maximum option. Any more folds will seem inconvenient to read.

With a three-fold flyer printing, use all the space that you can. That means you have six panels and one of them will serve as the cover page. You may overlap text and images by making the images a little transparent or making the text heavy. Work with different font sizes by enlarging important offers, while keeping small fonts for smaller bits of information. Save space but do not trade it at the expense of the readability of the content.

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