Gambar Desain Kartu Nama Terbaru

50 Gambar Desain Kartu Nama Terbaru Free Download

Mencari-cari gambar desain kartu nama terbaru di Google? Kartu nama anda nampak membosankan dengan desain layout dan komposisi warna yang itu-itu saja? Ok, karenanya Anda browsing google untuk mencari gambar contoh desain kartu nama dengan desain terbaru yang unik dan bagus. Maka inilah gambar contoh 50 gambar desain kartu nama terbaru dengan desain unik dan bagus.

Seperti pada contoh 50 gambar desain kartu nama terbaru ini, desain kartu nama yang baik adalah desain dengan mempertahankan fungsi utama kartu nama sebagai media penyambung bisnis dengan tampilan atraktif dengan sesuai dengan karakteristik si pemilik bisnis pada kartu nama tersebut.

Meskipun media sosial bisa dimanfaat dengan baik sebagai kartu nama online atau e-business card, keberadaan media cetak nyata tidak lah tergeser. Desain kartu nama harus tetap berevolusi menyesusuaikan dinamika bisnis dengan tetap mempertahankan estetika. Maka inilah gambar contoh 50 desain kartu nama terbaru dengan desain unik dan bagus. Desain-desain kartu nama berikut ini saya ambilkan dari berbagai sumber dari para desainer grafis terkemuka yang bisa anda telurusi lebih jauh dan juga download pada link yang tersedia.

Harapan saya tentu anda bisa menemukan contoh desain kartu nama terbaru yang akan cocok dan sesuai dengan karakteristik anda dan bisnis anda serta anda anggap atraktif guna kesuksesan menggaet mata perhatian kustomer. Semoga sukses dengan kampanye marketing anda bersama kartu nama anda.

50 Gambar Desain Kartu Nama Terbaru

1. A Little Bird Branding

Desain oleh Belinda Love Lee, seorang desainer grafis dari Cardiff Inggris.


Desain oleh Anastasia Yakovleva and All Design Transparent.

3. Andrea Roversi Business Card

DiDesain oleh Bellistrami Design dari London UK.

4. Identity Andreia Cruzd

DiDesain oleh Paula Del Mas dari Florence Italia.

5. Art-Science-Branding

DiDesain oleh Will Miller dari Chicago Illinois US. Art + Science salon’s flagship location in Chicago’s Wicker Park was the first to execute this new brand throughout. By working with the architect and the salon’s creative directors, we helped them incorporate the new brand into the space. While remodeling was in progress, business cards, loyalty cards, gift card sets and custom vinyl pieces were being designed and produced.


DiDesain oleh Nicole Kraieski, seorang desainer grafis dari San Francisco, CA, USA.

7. Brooks of Melbourne

Desain oleh Erica Boucher seorang Freelance Designer & Illustrator dari Melbourne, Australia. Brooks of Melbourne is a restaurant located on Collins St in Melbourne’s CBD. I was employed to create the visual identity for Brooks including the logo, branding, signage, door handles and business cards. The mood of the venue is old charm with plenty of class. I endeavoured to create an identity which establishes Brooks as an institution, incorporating an art deco language in my logo and crest.

8. BV Photography

Dsain oleh Ink Studio yang berlokasi di Brussel, Belgia. INK studio is a highly creative agency based in Brussels / Belgium providing visual communication solutions for corporate identities or cultural projects. Graphic Design, Web Solutions, Illustration, Photography and Motion Design. This business card desaign is a new visual identity for a specialised artwork photographer.

9. Candle Belle

Desain oleh Alan Cheetham dari Nottingham, Inggris.

10. Christina Yan Branding

Desain oleh Belinda Love Lee dari Cardiff, Inggris. A lovely set of cards for a lovely person her self, prop stylist, Christina Yan. Sophisticated, classy with a bit edge, these cards were letterpress printed with gold foiling, gold edging, and embossing, on gorgeous 600gsm paper. It’s always an excitement to finally receiving the printed design in hand, and this project is definitely one that made me jump for joy!

11. Colour Rain

Desain oleh Nicolas Fuhr, a Senior Designer at Scandinavian Design Group CPH in Copenhagen, Denmark. At Colour Rain we specialize in designing and producing fine poster art and it is our mission to help you reclaim your living room! With our collection of original limited edition prints of Graphic Design, Typography, Patterns, Collages and Photo Art we give you a wide range of different expressions to choose from. All of our prints are produced in small quantities and are individually signed and numbered.

12. ConquiStar

Desain oleh About Design dari Monterrey, Mexico. The concept behind the name reflect a symbolic gesture that identifies a moment when Portuguese companies get together to evolve and improve their international and national performance / presence. This program provides the necessary tools to conquer new worlds and reach new horizons. (ex for icons: Flag, Compass, lighthouse, lightbulb, star …) – something that relates to orientation. Each one of these companies is a Star.

13. Daniela Hirata

Desain oleh Rafael Ramirez

14. Deek Duke

Desain oleh Patricia Yammine seorang fotografer, Art Director, dan Desainer dari Beirut, Lebanon .

15. Dotwork

Desain oleh Dennis de Vries dari Heerenveen, Netherlands. Tjeerd Bakker, asked for a new identity for himself as a Search Advertising Specialist. Dotwork is a pseudonym for the projects he’s doing online – www [dot] work. The dots refer to the name. The work Tjeerd does is not easy to make visible to the public, a lot of his work is done behind the scenes. The website shows a “Updates” list of the things he’s doing. It’s basically a timeline portfolio, stating his work. The website is available at: The business cards are printed on 400gsm Munken Lynx Rough printed with Pantone Black and Pantone 7480.

16. Elephant Studio

Desain oleh Raminta Vas dari London, UK.

17. Fleur

Desain oleh Judit Besze seorang desanier grafis dari Budhapest, Hungaria.

18. Gabbie Lee

Desain oleh Belinda Love Lee Seorang desainer dan ilustrator dari Cardiff, Inggris. About this business card desain: Gabbie is a makeup artist based in Hong Kong. These cards are printed on 620gsm textured cotton paper with all details embossed. To top it off and make it edgy, just as Gabbie is, the cards are accented with neon yellow edging. Brush lettering done by hand.

19. GBox

Desain oleh Bratus, Branding Agency dari Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. About GBOX Business card, Gbox’s aim is creation adequate services, offering the highest quality of work with a comprehensive understanding of modern production to clients, their services include advertising, products, automotive, portraits, beauty, editorial photography and video production. GBOX is located on Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most beautiful city in Vietnam. We have developed and created an innovative strategy for GBOX brand identity, where the passion creativity and inspiring are platform for their activities.

20. Gerald’s Bar

Desain oleh Erica Boucher dari Australia. Geralds Bar is a kooky bar in Carlton North with an array of curious ornaments and pictures on the walls. I wanted to convey the character of the place in the stationary. The matches have an illustration of a british navel ship, something close to the owner (Gerald’s) heart, with a welcoming message. The business cards seek to capture the warmth and character of Gerald & Mario who own the bar.

21. Grave

Desain oleh Valquiria Rabelo dari Belo Horezonte, Brazil.

22. Hoola

Desain oleh Two Times Elliott London, United Kingdom

23. I Love Shoes

Desain oleh Pavel Emelyanov Saint Petersburg, Russian. People love shoes, many shoes. They like buy new models, collect them, care about it. If there is a lot of shoes you need a place where you can keep all of them. The best decision is shoe shelf, which includes many sections for any items. This symbol was used for logo of I LOVE SHOES store.

24. Jemcode

Desain oleh Duane Dalton Graphic Designer dari London, United Kingdom. Jemcode is a new web development company based in London. Rikki (Director) wanted a professional identity that reflected the caliber of his work, as well as having a bold and memorable look that will stand out. A marque was formed from an element used in coding, while the colour scheme uses a dark gray with a vibrant pink, which gives the identity an edge.

25. Laand

Desain oleh Passport Design Bureau dari Leeds, United Kingdom. Brand identity for Laand, a landscape architecture studio. The colour palette uses a neutral pale grey so as not to tie the brand to a particular sector of work whilst the bright coral accents clash effectively with the array of green tones often found in Laand’s technical plans and drawings.

26. Restaurant Branding and UI/UX

Desain oleh Jekin Gala dari Mumbai India. Masala Darbar is an Indian Cafe & Restaurant with a long tradition. The restaurant desires to make the experience of their customers unforgettable. The major focus is on the intimate food experience that small groups will find so special while still providing the availability of larger private rooms and spaces that can be utilized by tours and larger parties. Tradition, spices, and the deepest care in what they do is what defines Masala Darbar. The menu is varied to please the most discriminating palates, concentrating on the traditional and spicy Indian food.

27. Miniloop Media

Desain oleh Micky Jongwook Kim dari Seoul Korea Selatan. Miniloop Media is a recording studio I currently own. Please visit our website for more information.

28. Mister Bumbles Interactive

Desain oleh Amrit Pal Singh a Head Designer + Founder Mister Bumbles Interactive Delhi, India.

29. New Thread Films

Desain oleh Jon McClure a Senior Designer at Miles Design, Indianapolis, IN, USA. New Thread Films is a Motion Graphics + Video Production firm located in Indianapolis, IN. Along with creating beautiful work—New Thread Films specializes in telling their clients story. They are the thread between the clients thoughts and end results. Our logo and business cards pay homage to old video reels and canisters / labels.

30. Oasis

Desain oleh Alexandra Rusu seorang illustrator dari Bucharest, Romania.

31. Goslingo

Desain oleh Hype & Slippers dari Bristol, Inggris.

32. Oyler Market

Desain oleh Alex Chernault seorang desainer grafis dari Orlando, FL, USA. School assignment consisting of brand identity for a conceptual Central Texas style barbecue restaurant and craft brewery.

33. Pantascope

Desain oleh Andrew Pons, seorang desainer multimedia pada Emereo Creative dari Orlando, FL, USA.

34. Papillon Caffe

Desain oleh Beck Wong desainer grafis dari Hongkong, China. Papillon means butterfly in French, Cafe in Hong Kong targeting a young and hip generation of consumer who wants an elegant and easy-going lifestyle brand experience.

35. Poulpe

Desain oleh Gabriel Jasmine Desainer grafis freelance dari Montreal, Quebec, Canada. t is a visual identity for Poulpe, an local art blog.

36. Rio Mas

Desain oleh Melisa Scheinkman dari Buenos Aires, Argentina

37. Self Branding

Desain oleh All Design Transparent

38. Self Promotion

Desain oleh Allie Heesh seorang deasiner grafis dari Newcastle, Inggris.

39. Self Branding

Desain oleh Estudio Dharma sebuah studio desain di Bento Goncalves, Brazil

40. Personal Business Card

Desain oleh Martyna Wędzicka Gdansk dari Polandia.

41. Self Branding

Desain oleh Matteo Giuseppe Pani dari Milan, Italia.

42. Personal Identity

Desain oleh Paolo Pettigiani. PAOLO PETTIGIANI PERSONAL IDENTITY – Self Branding. Project realized during the “Brand Design” course. Polytechnic University of Turin, Design and Visual Communication. II Year.

43. Personal Identity

Gambar desain kartu nama terbaru oleh Rui Ma dari New York USA. The Logo is the designer’s first name – Rui. She created drawing style letters in the logo because she was not only a designer but also an illustrator. She likes neat and simple design so she make the identity system a clean style. The back side design of my business cards is the elements she used most in my drawings and illustrations. The graphic would be random and would have more elements later.

44. Self Branding

Gambar desain kartu nama terbaru ini oleh White Branding Lab

45. Seven Bar & Kitchen

Gambar desain kartu nama terbaru oleh SLTWTR Creative dari Santa Barbara, California USA.

46. Shadia Saad

Gambar desain kartu nama terbaru oleh Belinda Love Lee. Shadia Saad is a fashion stylist, jewelry designer based in Toronto, and I had the privilege to design her brand and identity.

47. Studio Dallo

Gambar desain kartu nama terbaru oleh Alexandra Rusu. It is an identity for ‘studio dallo’, a mix of progressive design and basic street wear. enjoy!

48. Tealer Records

Desain oleh Chateau Batard dari Paris Perancis. We made the new identity system for TLR Records, music label from the french brand Tealer. We also did the full responsive webdesign which will be online soon.

49. The Fish Market

Desain oleh Micael Butial a Graphic & Web Designer from San Francisco, CA, USA. The Fish Market is a West Coast fish house and seafood restaurant serving an excellent selection of fresh fish, sushi and seafood throughout California.

50. Vyclone

Gambar desain kartu nama terbaru oleh d studio, London UK.

Itulah gambar contoh 50 gambar desain kartu nama terbaru dengan desain unik dan bagus. Semoga menbantu inspirasi dan ide-ide ada. Sukses selalu dengan bisnis anda. Salam


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