The Number One Image Enlarger Tool

The Number One Image Enlarger Tool. Measuring how good a piece of software is implies looking at three different characteristics: effectiveness, ease of use and price to quality ratio. AI Image Enlarger takes care of the second aspect as soon as you visit its homepage. The website’s aesthetics are modern and sleek, with a simple “Click to choose files” button to get you started. Although you have to register beforehand, that process is as simple as it gets. Four different enlargement algorithms are presented as soon as you upload an image – three of them correspond to certain image categories, while the fourth one is an all-around option.

Once the image is done processing, it’s immediately noticeable how quick and effective the AI algorithms are. Even though there are three different scaling options, AI Image Enlarger doesn’t skimp out on either one. As if that’s not enough, the software is constantly improved via its SRCNN neural network structure which trains the AI to better recognize certain details. The AI Image Enlarger software works through the cloud and uses powerful hardware in order to enlarge images without losing quality. Alongside the web-based version, there are four downloadable apps for different platforms.

Finally, the Image Enlarger Tool has a lifetime free license. It does have certain limits on the file size and amount of images per month, but nothing too overwhelming. Buying one of the two premium versions unlocks the batch processing feature and shows the full potential of this program.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Go to the “Pricing” tab in the upper right corner. Select the “Free” plan, input your e-mail address and password and click on “Create Account”.
  • Go to the homepage, click the orange circle and choose the wanted images.
The Number One Image Enlarger Tool
  • Choose the wanted algorithm/scaling options and start the process.
The Number One Image Enlarger Tool
  • Click on the “Download” button and save the final image to your PC.
The Number One Image Enlarger Tool

AI Image Enlarger vs

You can View the comparison result from here:

Comparing the results side by side is essentially a night and day difference. The most noticeable quality increase is apparent on the wooden walkway. Zooming in on the AI Image Enlarger’s result brings out an incredible amount of detail to the point where there’s a clear line between each individual wooden piece. The foliage on the right side has vibrant colors to it and is actually distinguishable, while the competitor’s result pretty much looks like a blurry mess.

Up next is the color composition of the still water and the waterfall behind it. With AI Image Enlarger, it’s possible to see what’s underwater even though the blurriness remains true-to-life. The waterfall doesn’t just look like someone spray-painted over the image – it’s an accurate representation of what the original image aimed to bring in.

All aspects point to the clear winner here, and it’s AI Image Enlarger. The end result shows that the image isn’t simply zoomed in to make it appear larger – instead, each pixel was scanned and multiplied individually in order to make it as vibrant and lively as possible.

Background Removal Feature

Alongside the possibility to enlarge photo, AI Image Enlarger recently introduced a new feature specifically for its long-time users. It retains the same AI implementation, except that it’s now used to remove backgrounds from images. Those who have previously made an account with AI Image Enlarger won’t have to go through the same process since they’re interconnected with the background eraser. The interface also retains the complete overlay and simplicity except that it has a slightly different color scheme. This tool supports .JPG and .PNG formats, but the end result is always .PNG since it’s the only one which supports transparent backgrounds.

Despite it still being in the early alpha stages as far as development goes, Bgeraser is pretty well refined and requires no additional input from the user. It currently features a single algorithm, “Hugo”, but there are plans to implement additional ones in the future. However, for the time being, “Hugo” is plenty efficient for any image regardless of whether it’s a portrait, landscape or any other type. Finally, there aren’t any paid plans or hidden fees – the tool is 100% free as long as you have an account with AI Image Enlarger.


AI Image Enlarger shows no signs of slowing down. Alongside its constantly improving algorithm and the implementation of 8x scaling option, it now has a unique background removal feature that takes advantage of its already existing neural network. As long as people continue uploading images and making their own small contributions to the rise of this technology, only sky is the limit.

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