Image Not Showing Error 404 Page Not Found After Scheduled Posts

Dear All, are you self hosting WordPress user? I have a story related it. Recently I got problems on my websites. This website, and The trouble is Image not Showing Error 404 Page Not Found After Scheduled Posts. Images of some postings on my two websites suddenly disappear. All images linked to postings still remain in their folder, nothing changed.

Modifying .htaccess file did’nt help at all. Replacing a file named query.php in wp-include folder results nothing. After hunting WordPress forum around the globe, I found nothing solutions that matched and helping.

Over 24 hours later, I did these steps:

  • Login to my wp-admin, deactivate all plugins
  • Especially cache plugin ( I use Wp Fastest Cache), I deleted it, then I deleted all folders related to it. Because a server issue or such a server side configuration that I don’t familiar with it, it was unable to delete those folder, I just renamed them all.
  • I went to my C-panel and Logged in with my credential FTP username and password.
  • I pointed to folder wp-content/upload.
  • Compressing all my folders in to .zip, the remain original folder I deleted them totally.
  • and… yes I got my web posts running normally with images after  re-extracted all my zipped folder.

For my websites, those steps really worked!

I hope my English make sense. . I will appreciate any comments.

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