Immersive Projection of the Universe inside a Gothic Chapel

Can you imagine viewing a sky full of stars inside a building? And a building we meant is a Gothic chapel which we all know it could be creepy sometimes. It will be amazing to have an opportunity viewing starry night sky, black holes, and other the universe’s mysteries inside the chapel like the lucky guests had in a charity event in the University of Cambridge. At that magical night, Miguel Chevalier created immersive projection of the universe and presented it inside the 16th century Gothic chapel. That chapel is King’s College Chapel.

King’s College Chapel was started in 1446 by Henry VI, but for some reasons the project were not finished till the end of Henry VI’s reign. The project then was taken over by Henry VII and it took almost one hundred year to finish this great chapel. King’s College Chapel became the finest examples of Gothic architectural styles for those who love the architectural buildings. King’s College Chapel is famous for its vault which have fan-shaped ribs.

You would not find any fan-shaped vaults on the ceiling as large as you see in King’s College Chapel. Yes, the fan-shaped vaults in this gothic chapel is the largest vaults in the world. The ornate decorations of the chapel were already beautiful and mesmerizing that you do not need other media to help you seeing its beauty. However, you will be surprise when you know that the chapel can be more majestic in that amazing night. Thanks to Miguel Chevalier.

Miguel Chevalier is a graphical artist from Mexico. He was commissioned by Artichoke, the creative agency which organize the event, to create a series of immersive projection. These projections would be played during the speeches of famous professors and alumni of University of Cambridge.

If you had seen the chapel’s interior, you might be thinking that it would be impossible to project a picture onto it. The vaults, the column, and the other parts of the chapel are not smooth like a screen projector, so the pictures that are projected onto the chapel’s surface might not be viewed clearly. But that was not happened with a series of immersive projection of Miguel Chevalier. The projection he had mad was quite astounding and it created the magical atmosphere none the less inside the chapel.

The projection was represented the various subjects that have been main concern of renowned professor and alumni. The subjects include Health, Physic, Biology, Neuroscience, Biotechnologies, The Third Worlds, Academic Excellences, and many more. Each subject has different digital projection.

For example, when Stephen Hawking came forward to give speech about black hole, Chevalier played immersive projection of thousands of constellations. Because of the projection, the guests could understand the speech better and could imagine that the universe still have the unsolved mysteries. Another immersive projection of the universe would be played when someone else came forward to give another speech.

The stained-glass windows of the chapel reflected the lights from outside. These lights were beautifully resonated with the soft light from digital projection. As the result, the rich colors of the projection were enhanced and looked majestic on every surface of the chapel’s interior.

You can create the similar thing to your house, though the projection scale is not as bigger as Miguel Chevalier’s project. But it is still possible to create the luminous projection indoor. You can ask the local architect, engineer, contractor or interior designer whether the digital installation is possible inside your house. It will be wonderful to be able viewing the starry night sky every day and every time.

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