Improve The User Experience With Web Design

Did you know that when users land on your website, the first thing they see is your web design. That will influence their decision about whether to stay on to look for information or products and services somewhere else. 

Here are the main web design tips you should keep in mind in 2021:

Responsive Design

In a world where most of the users are utilizing mobile devices to look for content and things to buy, it’s more important than ever that your website follows the best practices to render well on all devices, especially mobile phones. 

To optimize for mobile devices, make sure you know all the basics of web performance and consider using a responsive design. That means your website with look great no matter what devices your visitors are using.  


The color choice for your website design shouldn’t be a random one. Colors are extremely important in marketing psychology and the colors you use will influence the way users see your website and your brand. Make sure you don’t use too many colors and provide enough color contrast so even people with visual impairments can access your website

Simple Design

The design of your website should be as simple as possible. Don’t put too much together on a single page. Make sure you provide enough space, as well as visual content, to break up the text. That way, users won’t be overwhelmed and the overall experience will be a positive one. 

Clear Navigation

Finally, make sure the navigation on your website is as clear as possible. Ask yourself if users easily find the information they’re looking for. If the answer is no, make sure you include all the main pages in your navigation bar (including the “about us” page and “contact page”)

There you have it. Follow these best practices and you’ll be ready to create an amazing user experience for your site. Take a look at the infographic below for more web design trends

Additional resources to help you get started with website design: