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Is OneDrive An Example Of Cloud Storage?

In this article, we will know “Is OneDrive an example of cloud storage?” Before knowing that we will know what is cloud storage? And how does it work? In the end, we will know about the best cloud storage service providers and all kinds of information regarding cloud storage.

In 2017, an estimated almost 1.8 billion users worldwide are using cloud storage for sharing and storing your data. In 2021, around 50 percent of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. Almost 94% of companies are using cloud storage for storing your data securely as compared to local storage.

What Is Cloud Storage And How Does It Work?

Cloud storage is a cloud computing system or model by which you can easily store your data in a simple and secure way. It also helps in recovering your files from any kind of mishappening which creates a disturbance in business works. It simply secures and protects your files with end-to-end encryption.

Is OneDrive An Example Of Cloud Storage?

Let us know about Onedrive in brief, to know whether it is a type of Cloud storage or not.

OneDrive- Microsoft Cloud-Based Online Storage Solution

It is an internet-based storage platform for Microsoft users on Windows 10. Microsoft allows its users to store and share one device to multiple devices. You can also save their file in one drive and have it sync automatically on another device.

It provides relatively easy access to cloud storage space, allowing options to share content with others. The best feature of One Drive is document collaboration. That also allows their customer to save documents, photos, and other files in the cloud, share them with friends and also collaborate on content.

OneDrive is an example of cloud storage which gives 5 GB of storage free on sign-up Microsoft accounts.

Here is thepricing table of OneDrive.

For Home Storage Plan:

PlanPriceDetailsStorage Limit
OneDrive BasicFreeOneDrive Only5 GB
OneDrive Standalone$ 1.99 Per MonthOneDrive Only100 GB
Microsoft 365 personal$ 5.99 Per MonthOffice Apps1 TB
Microsoft 365 family$ 7.99 Per MonthUpto 6 people. Office Apps6 TB

By showing the above table, you can clearly know about the pricing level for home storage plans. There are all plans for home perspective.

There are the business plan which also shows OneDrive is example of cloud storage.

For Business Plan:

PlanPriceDetailsStorage Limit
OneDrive For Business (Plan 1)$ 5 Per MonthFile sharing and OneDrive Storage.1 TB Per User
OneDrive For Business (Plan 2)$ 10 Per MonthAdvanced Security and Compliance Capabilities.Unlimited Individual Cloud Storage- Five or More users. Starts at 1 TB per user
Microsoft 365 Business Basic$ 5 User Per MonthWeb And Mobile versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint Included.1 TB Per User 25 TB Max per person.
Microsoft 365 Business Standard$ 12.50 User Per MonthBusiness-Class Email and Desktop Apps.1 TB Per User 25 TB Max per person.

By showing the above table, you can clearly know the pricing level for a business storage plan. These are all plans from a business perspective. I gave all the information on each plan in an easy way.

So it is true that OneDrive is an example of cloud storage with advanced and remarkable features.

Let us know about some alternatives to OneDrive, which is also the best cloud storage.

Top Best Cloud Storage Service Providers 

Here we will also know about the 3 best cloud storage service providers, by which you can know which is best in the market and what price it is.


It is a user-controlled, secure, end-to-end encrypted communication and storage service with free 50 GB *. This will allow you to install MEGA in your browser to reduce loading times, improve security, and download performance.

Here is the MEGA pricing table which shows its affordable price which is cheap for many users in comparison to other storage service providers.

PLANAvailable TransfersAvailable StorageMonthly Price
Pro-Lite400 GB1 TB$ 5.41/ users
Pro I2 TB2 TB$ 10.84/users
Pro II8 TB8 TB$ 21.69/users
Pro III16 TB16 TB$ 32.54/users
Business3 TB3 TB$5.43 at 3 users

In the above table, you can clearly see that the prices are very low and easy to afford. You can easily get the storage space you need at a reasonable price.


pCloud is very simple and easy to access on all devices. It also provides the secure storing, sharing, and collaborating of your files. It also provides unbreakable security and end-to-end encryption to access files. Also provides 10 GB of free storage to sign up for your account.

Over 12 million people are trusting this app for cloud storage.

Here we can also know the pricing fixture of pCloud Storage. 

PlanMonthly PriceYearly PriceLifetime  (OnePayment)Storage available
Premium 500 GB    —$ 49.99 (save 17 %)$ 175 (save 65 %)500 GB
Premium Plus 2 TB    —$ 99.99 (save 17 %)$ 150 (save 64%)2 TB
Family    —         —$ 500 (save 64%)2 TB
Business$ 9.99$ 7.99/ month         —1 TB

In the above table, after analysis, getting a pCloud lifetime $49 deal is the best choice for cloud storage in comparison to a yearly subscription.


It also gives you secure access to your files. By using it, you can securely store files, up to date and accessible on any device. It also manages your tasks, tracks your files update, and stays synced with your teams and clients. Also, get 2 GB of free storage with dropbox basics.

Dropbox plans and price fixture:

PlanStorage availableUsersMonthly PriceAnnually Price
Plus (Individual)2000 GB1$ 11.99$ 9.99/ month
Family (Individual)2000 GBUp to 6$ 19.99$ 16.99/ month
Professional (Business)3000 GB1$ 19.99$ 16.58/ month
Standard (Business)5000 GB3+$ 15 per user$ 12.50 per user/ month
Advanced (Business)As much space as needed3+$ 25 per user$ 20 per user/ month

In the above table, you can see the benefit of getting a yearly subscription as compared to the monthly price.


Our topic is about the question which is “Is OneDrive an cloud storage”. Yes, we can say that the OneDrive is an example of cloud storage for its various features of other cloud storage service providers. In this, you can easily store, share and access your files in a simple and convenient way.

It is that onedrive is an example of cloud storage but it is better for storing, sharing, and collaborating your data in an effective way.

There is the best cloud storage available in the market like MEGA, pCloud, Dropbox, Genie9, Zoolz, Deegoo, etc. It also comprises various kinds of features that make them unique and helpful for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is OneDrive An Example Of Cloud Storage?

Yes, OneDrive is an example of cloud storage that provides all work as same as all type of cloud storage.

Which is the best cloud storage service, the provider?

The best cloud storage service providers are as pCloud, MEGA, Dropbox, Genie9, One Drive, Deegoo, Zoolz, and so on.

What are the advantage and disadvantages of cloud storage?

The advantages of cloud storage are Efficient cost, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, Secure and relevance, High speed, End-to-end encryption, ease to use, and convenience. On the other hand, there are the disadvantages such as Vulnerability to attack, Heavy dependency on the internet, Data misuse, lack of total control, and so on.