The Dome House, France

Rumah yang Dibuat Menyesuaikan Alam

Solaleya Domespace NY TV Feature – World’s most extreme home. Through the years, our actions have affected our environment. In the last few years, a climate change has been observed in the form of unusually extreme weather. Now is the time that we need to become aware of our impact on the planet and deal constructively with the repercussions of our previous actions.

With Solaleya you are able to do just that.

As distributors of environmentally conscious products, we are proud to exclusively represent Domespace Homes in the U.S.
Our all wood dome shaped homes allow you to live in an exceptionally pleasant setting of warmth and balance while preserving the beauty of our Planet.
The rotation system allows your home to turn towards or away from the sun to balance inside temperature and reduce energy consumption while allowing you to have a change of scenery from your windows any time you wish.
Proven to resist against extreme high winds and earthquakes in many occurrences, our dome shaped homes provide you with the comfort and safety of an outstanding and luxurious habitat all at once.

Your dream home is just a step away.

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Rumah yang Dibuat Menyesuaikan Alam