Suspicious Viral 5da98e8f Linkbucks Com

A suspicious viral My internet surfing activity in the last few days got a little interference with the advent of referalls link . I just opened a few pages , and then a few minutes later emerged this link :

It is very disturbing that this has never happened before . The appearance of this link certainly makes browsing activity becomes very very uncomfortable.

I do not know if this is a result of a viral infection. Might this be the latest types of malware and virus attacks in 2014 ‘s ? or such as malware that infected my computer due to my negligence when installing an ad-on to my browser .

Not only that disturbance, along with the emergence of this link, the browser sometimes sends me a suspicious application that prompts for download.

A antivirus software named Avira has been installed on my Windows 7 computer system. Whether this anvirus not detect it as malware , viruses , or the like , or whether it was not a malicious script . Configuring the DNS server settings on a computer network LAN and Internet network to an ADSL modem I have done, it did not bring any impact.

Every referral link has an author as an owner, as the code in the referral link . This suspicious viral referral link disturbs my browsing activity in very. Who and what the purpose of spreading the link without ethics ?

Are there any of you who experienced the same thing in the form of the appearance of the referral link Tell me here , I would be delighted if you ‘ve successfully overcome the same thing that I mentioned above .

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