Template Desain Brosur Gratis Download Bi Fold Automobile Brochure PSD File1

Template Desain Brosur Format PSD EPS dan Corel Gratis Download


Typically automobiles are designed to run on roads, they have four wheels, and principally to be constructed for transporting people rather than goods. Here the designer of this brochure has introduced an automobile brochures or a rally event brochures for you. This brochures is sized B5 and 300dpi resolution. Its an RGB flyer. Install missing fonts before edit this PSD. Fonts are avaliable in dafont.com. The font used in this design is Transformers. It can also used as an event brochures like rally/racing championship or sports brochures.

Brochure printing is no ordinary printing. Brochures usually form part of a marketing or advertising campaign that seeks to introduce new establishments, events, product offerings or promotions (e.g. price cuts, more items for the same price promos). It is imperative for someone who owns a printing business or someone contemplating on starting a printing business to balance various considerations in choosing printers.

Operational Requirement versus Printer Specification

As brochures are typically marketing materials, the quality of the print-outs should match the brand of the product or service being advertised. If someone targets to print for companies or individuals whose clients fall under the luxurious segment, he or she should choose a printer that is capable of colored printing, has higher dpi (dot per inch) for better resolution of images and texts and capable of printing on special papers (e.g. glossy, linen, parchment). On the other hand, if the purpose is just for mass printing for low-end brands, simple black-and-white printers that do well in printing on coupon bonds will do. In addition to these, a prospective buyer should ascertain the size of brochures he or she wants to offer as this has to be considered in choosing the size of the printer.

Customer Support and After-Sales

More established brands like Hewlett Packard (HP) have better systems to accommodate general queries and troubleshooting support both through online and store channels. When choosing a printer, one should consider how accessible the support team is, as well as that of accredited service centers that carry out repairs of items under warranty.

Cost versus Quality of Product and Support

A printer with the lowest cost is not always the wisest choice. A printer with the lowest cost that does not match operational requirements is obviously a waste of capital. Oftentimes, the pricing strategy of printer manufacturers is to offer a low cost for the device but high prices for ink cartridge (the recurring purchase item) and higher cost of parts replacement for items whose warranties have expired. A buyer should project costs into the future and apply financial valuation techniques to ascertain the most economical printer as an investment.




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