The Role of Penetration Testing In Bringing Innovation In The Company

It has been proved that penetration testing is a worthwhile investing technique of finding errors and glitches in software products and applications. This is because; they can deteriorate a product from the beginning. 

There is a risk of exploitation by malevolent hackers. It is a requirement for companies to utilize virtual; and online mediums of business operations. They will allow managing the rising demands of end-users related to efficient and smart service delivery. 

The comprehensive consumption and rising rate of dependency on cloud media and the increase in cyber-attacks is flaring up day by day. Cyber threats are in complete swing due to technology inflammation in the companies. This has made it simpler for the hackers to be effective in their plan in getting the systems and stealing sensitive and valuable organizational and customer data, saved in the systems.

For this reason, penetration testing is very important. In fact, companies are finding the best penetration testing companies to attain flawless app security. It makes software products safe from all the cyber-criminals and attacks around the world. 

Pen testing is considered an ethical method because testers are officially allowed to go into the system and act like hackers to see what susceptibilities are present in the system and the way they must be resolved.

The Present Technique of Incorporating Pen Testing By The Companies

Currently, the majority of the companies follow the practice of applying and executing penetration testing either bi-annually or annually. Usually, these pen testing services are gathered from 3rd party organizations. Then these testing reports are gathered from service providers related to mistakes and vulnerabilities in the system.

Companies then analyze the outcomes and suggestions offered by the 3rd party penetration testing companies to resolve those pinpointed mistakes and data breaches. Nevertheless, companies need to hold that if they will manage to fix software susceptibilities. They will not be solved instead of this; there will be waste of effort and time.

The majority of the time service providers give an in-depth PDF file of recommendations and suggestions regarding vulnerabilities they have pinpointed in their customer’s apps and software. To take out a list of probabilities and most important fixtures from the list is very inefficient. 

This is because it takes so much time to comprehend a lengthy list of pages. This technique of doing pen testing is not efficient at all because it is not clear which errors are fixed and which errors are not fixed.

How Does Business Innovation and Pen Testing Go Hand in Hand?

Something that could benefit the company is to adopt the best framework of penetration testing. This is done by obtaining services from 3rd parties. The latest model is called pen testing as a service. The scope of this framework offers one-year participation activity. In this, suppliers perform pen-testing as it is needed by the client’s company. It offers the results in an interactive cloud-based platform to offer continuous support in the repair cycle. This permits the consumers to concentrate on the beginning position of the work instead of completion as a pen-tester.

Penetration testing as a service model is very effective and extremely recommended due to various reasons. Some of them are:

  • Extremely cost-efficient in comparison to the traditional penetration testing methods
  • Very scalable and flexible
  • Keep up with the speed of continuous innovation or change in the business sector
  • PTaaS framework offers these reports in a communicative platform that allows each vulnerability to be talked about in an efficient and effective manner
  • Direct contact with cyber security experts and susceptibility hunters instead of resolving mistakes on your own