Multipurpose Theme Intense vs Porto

Choose Your Multipurpose Theme Intense vs Porto

Choose your WordPress multipurpose theme Intense vs Porto. The world is changing in high gear nowadays. One tendency gives place to the other and this process is never ending. Things that were popular just yesterday are absolutely cracked up today. And especially this can be applied to the web development area. The team of professionals is striving day and night to improve the existing designs and to make them better for web masters and the end users. Tough competition in this area doesn’t allow to content with simply good templates. To become successful and to win the race you need something more than just a high-quality theme. That is why popular template providers are racing each other in creating the formula of a perfect template. And very often if you have an eye on the novelties of the template market, you may notice that themes from different providers have pretty much in common. Multipurpose theme Intense vs Porto, it is not surprising, because each of them has a team of specialists who analyze the existing demands of the users and make conclusions, which proceed into revolutionary ideas.

WordPress Multipurpose Theme Intense vs Porto

So existing similarities are rather confirmation of the necessity of the details they share, than just a hackneyed aspiration not to drop behind the competitors. Today insight of our article come two multipurpose themes from world well-known template providers. Multipurpose theme Intense vs Porto, meet Intense from TemplateMonster and Porto from ThemeForest.

Multipurpose theme Intense vs Porto
WordPress Multipurpose theme Intense vs Porto

Intense, a new solution from TemplateMonster team, has seen the world back in April 2016. Porto has a longer history, being presented in February 2013. But don’t rush off to sell it short. Thanks to the regular updates it stays up-to-date and is highly competitive with its younger rival.

Taking a closer look at the functionality these two templates can boast, we decided to start with the child themes. They are quite widespread nowadays, because they offer more possibilities for niche websites and give you a wider choice on the design and options.

Multipurpose Theme Intense vs Porto
Multipurpose theme Intense vs Porto

At the moment Intense features 11 child themes, fitting different business niches. Buying Intense you get access to all of them and can choose any you like. The developers promise to launch a number of new child themes in foreseeable future.

Porto, unfortunately, can’t boast with such functionality. Perhaps this would be a subject of further theme updates. We’ll see.

Another feature we would like to broach is presence and number of pre-designed pages.

Multipurpose Theme Intense vs Porto
WordPresss Multipurpose theme Intense vs Porto

Intense keeps in stock 70+ pre-designed pages, which include blog, portfolio and eCommerce templates. All of them are ready to use and have functionality allowing you to build a high-quality website with minimum efforts. Worth mentioning that all of them are mobile-friendly.

Unlike Intense, 35+ pre-designed pages of Porto are not that functional. It features non-functional blog and shop pages. Although they are all mobile-friendly, 100% responsive and are built with Bootstrap 3.

Homepage layouts give you a possibility to experiment with your website’s look.

Multipurpose Theme Intense vs Porto
WordPress Multipurpose theme Intense vs Porto

Intense offers you 10 variants to choose from, including one-page homepage layout, different skins and pre-designed areas to place your banners, promos, etc.

Porto boasts 17 homepage layouts, among which you can find landing page, classical designs, corporate style homepages and one-page layout as well.

Both themes have unlimited number of header and footer styles, allowing you experiment with tones, colors and various styles to create a perfect representation of your brand.

To expand your customization possibilities both themes include PSD files, which can be easily edited in Photoshop. Intense comes with 190+ pre-loaded PSD files, while Porto has them for Home Page &About Us section only.

Multipurpose Theme Intense vs Porto
WordPress Multipurpose theme Intense vs Porto

Experimenting with skins and colors you can alter the original design to adjust it better to your corporate style.
With Intense you can switch between 9 different skins with wide color palette. All these alterations can be easily managed through user-friendly dashboard.

Porto has powerful in-built color switcher, which gives you an opportunity to apply changes and observe them on the fly. With its help you can easily give your website a unique look.

eCommerce integration is an important feature for those who are planning to launch an online store or to make it a part of their website.

Multipurpose Theme Intense vs Porto
WordPress Multipurpose theme Intense vs Porto

Intense supports eCommerce and has a number of eCommerce pages and functionality allowing you to start the shop without any troubles.

Although Porto is not eCommerce ready and doesn’t have ready-to-use functionality, you can tune it manually. In this case you might require more profound coding and web-design skills.

Both templates allow you to switch between wide and boxed layouts. You can do it easily in the theme’s settings panel.

When you buy a ready-made template you should surely become aware about the supportprovided. Both templates come well-documented, but that doesn’t guarantee the absence of questions and problems during the process. Anyway it is always better to feel secure.

Buying Intense you enlist support from TemplateMonster professional team , as they guarantee free 24/7 support for all their premium products. You can choose any form you prefer: live chat, ticket system or email.
With Porto it is a little bit different. You get only 6 month of support from the author of the theme. Take into consideration that it doesn’t include installation and customization services. If you want an additional year of support you will have to pay $4,88 for it.

No need to say that both themes are written with clean valid HTML5 and CSS3 code, are SEO optimized and cross-browser compatible. Retina ready design guarantees perfect representation of your website even on the screens with high resolution. You can use parallax scrolling effect to add dynamics to your website. Social integration benefits both you, as a web master, and your visitors. These features are simply a must, and no wonder that our two themes have them in common.

Finally we are approaching to the question that might be occupying the minds of our readers for quite a while: the price for the templates.

Intense is going to cost you $75 for a single site license and $114 for developer’s license. The latter allows you to apply the template to up to 5 projects.

For Porto you are going to pay $17 for the regular license and $699 for the extended license.

We are not going to make any specific conclusion or to call the score here of multipurpose theme Intense vs Porto above. We have just presented you bear facts. And now let the facts speak for themselves. As you may see both themes are extremely feature-rich and each of them has its own advantages and drawbacks. And the choice totally depends on the project you want to apply it to. So it’s up to you to decide your winner of our today’s battle.