Intuitive Tools to Help You with Your Video Creation

Intuitive Tools to Help You with Your Video Creation

Intuitive Tools to Help You with Your Video Creation. Throughout generations, the video has become a very important element on any assets for different marketing campaigns. Not only this, it has also been used in other purposes like a medium in training and it has proven its effectiveness compared to typical text modules.

In the current situation where COVID is present all around and people have to stay at home, others have found video creation as a way to help themselves financially through vlogging, podcasting, and even as a Work from Home job. For instance, YouTube is among the most utilized websites online. It is undeniable that videos have helped us in many ways and today, we will be discussing a very helpful tool to help you in producing good quality videos.

A simple to use video creator and editor, VEED.IO is for organizations, businesses, schools, individuals, and other third-party media providers. The cloud-based application provides its clients the power to capture, create, view, and animate videos at high quality. This featured comprehensive tool utilizes advanced programs in order to transform ideas into a real masterpiece. This video creator offers a smooth editing experience as it upholds different configurations of sound, video, pictures, animations, and designs to your video creation. The multi-compatible video editor has features that facilitate the production of videos in no time.

Tools and Functionality

The primary advantages of using VEED are its easy-to-use interface that simplifies complex video editing for both the beginners and experienced creators, helping them produce high quality video seamlessly. It’s easy looking interface offers complex and basic features to provide full innovative control. The following are some of the features you can enjoy.

Video Editor

When you say cloud technology, it really implies something these days. We’ve got storage and backups, project management, image editing, emails, and pretty much everything that you typically use on your PC are powered by the cloud system. To provide its every user the efficiency they need, has to include one more type along with everything else – a cloud powered video editing tool.

One of the advantages of VEED’s cloud-based system is the Accessibility. Through the help of cloud systems, users can now create videos without bringing their bulky storages wherever they go. They will have access to the complete video editing features by simply going to VEED’s website. And what’s more exciting is that you don’t have to own a computer or a laptop in order for you to experience this feature. Users can now enjoy the full functionality of this tool through their mobile devices too.

VEED has also enhanced the accessibility of its tool to other platforms through API integration. This means that the users can now quickly edit, host or deliver videos across any browsers.

Now, it’s time to go deeper into how it can help you in creating videos.

Many of us don’t have the advanced skills in editing but are looking to implement innovative ideas on our videos. This is where comes in handy. For instance, if you are looking to remove the background from your captured video, this tool has made it possible for you. It will only require you a few clicks in order to take out and change the background based on your liking. You can also use the platform if you wish to cut, split, or loop scenes, crop videos online, or even change the lighting on video recordings.

Screen Recorder

Another tool VEED has to offer that comes very handy especially in this current situation is the screen recorder. A lot of us are now doing work and schooling at home which makes it a bit complicated especially when sharing and doing tasks. But with this feature, understanding tasks and modules are now made easier.

VEED Screen Recorder is a powerful yet lightweight tool that can be used on demonstration, home schooling, creation of interactive tutorials, capturing video calls, and even game streaming. It provides the ability to record activities on the screen that provides the access to go back on important details mentioned during the meeting, class tutorials, or even gaming sessions. On top of the tool’s intuitive screen recording ability, it also has the ability to record sound.

Add Text to Video

We know that more individuals like to watch videos as opposed to reading content. However, is the video alone already enough to deliver your thoughts to your audience? Though there’s really a great need for us to put emphasis on the visuals when it comes to creating video contents, the text we use has a significant impact, as well. It can help establish what is going on in the video, provide content structure, and set clarity that can truly help in the delivery of thoughts. It’s successful as long as it’s utilized effectively.

There are 4 ways to include text on to your video creation. These are as follows:

  • As Captions. As people commonly use mobile in viewing videos in social media, the tendency is it auto-plays with no sound. And this is where the captions are very helpful. Also, it works very convenient if your videos are presented to a variety of people in different languages.
  • As Organizer for Segmented Videos. When creating videos, normally topics are listed down and serve as a guide. This normally works well for video creators. But how about for the viewers? Yes, it also has an advantage as the viewers will have an overview of the flow of the video they are watching. This is ideal when you are doing a video production that tackles Question and Answer, a Step-by-Step Tutorial.
  • As a Conversion Driver. Videos are very useful in marketing and advertising products and services. And one way to drive revenue using videos is to include Call to Action. And this is where this VEED tool can assist you! You can show emphasis to your targeted clients watching your videos if there were Call to Action texts shown on your production. Most common example is the “Like” and “Subscribe” texts placed by vloggers on their YouTube videos.
  • As an Introduction for People or Brand. When you are into creating video podcasts and interviews, introducing your guests or brand collaborators is a necessity. And for your viewers interests, it is recommended to show the names of the people or brand in the form of text. In this way, your viewers will be able to connect with your videos, as well as with the characters involved.

Music Visualization

Today, creating podcasts is one of the many ways to (1) attract a variety of audience, and also (2) earn money. Many podcasters are now expanding their audience not only in podcasting platforms like Spotify, Apple, and more, but now even on YouTube. And this is where the struggle comes in as it would be difficult to maintain interest levels of the audience if only in sound form.

With VEED’s Music Visualization, adding audio waveforms will no longer be a problem. Users are presented with a lot of available presets to choose from.

  • Audio To Video Output

Users can upload sound files and export them as video. This is helpful for individuals    who are creating spoken word poetry and podcasts as it will give the videos some creative flair.

  • Audio Spectrum

VEED gives the users the power to create audio spectrums using the uploaded audio files. This gives users the power to add uniqueness compared to other music visualization videos.

  • Image and Artwork Upload

In this feature, images and artworks can be added to audio files and rendered as videos. Users are also provided with access to video personalization as support in the campaign against copyright infringement as trademarks and branding can be added in the form of an image.

  • Audiogram Visuals

Users can add a visually stunning waveform animation and audiogram as an effect to their music video creation. Creators will also have the ability to change color, sizes and orientation based on your preferred video output.

Video Compressor

Businesses nowadays are actively engaging themselves in the digital world. The reason is that marketing your business online gives you an opportunity to reach your target audience efficiently. There were a lot of ways used to achieve this goal but still the most effective is through videos.

You know why? This type of asset can easily convey messages to the public unlike with other forms of media. However, does simply having a video solve it all?

These assets are widely used in social media, sites, and other online platforms however using an uncompressed video has a negative impact especially when used on websites. Websites serve as a door for your customers and having slow loading sites will never let the revenue in. With, you don’t have to worry anymore. By using its intuitive video compressor, it can optimize the size of videos to fit the standard size ideal for websites without losing the quality. Not only this, the user has the ability to select the compression settings based on how and where they want to use the videos. It will just take a few clicks, users will just have to upload the video file, adjust the settings, click on “Export” and presto, your compressed videos will then be ready.

Numerous types of digital media keep on emerging day by day however videos will still remain in the hall of fame. Only its form evolves and at users will be on track with what is on trend to help you on your video needs whether it would be for business or for personal use.